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Prom's COMINg...

Monday, March 12, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Contrary to the excited looking title and the smiley faces, I'm really not that chuffed up about the prospect of going to this year's prom. The reason is because I'm the effing dj for the night.. Becoming the dj means that I'll be in charge of almost every thing that's electronic (except the lights, you'd wanna leave that to the experts if you know what I mean)... The irony of all this is that I dont exactly understand all this stuffs, its just like expecting a butcher to cook. ^^ So now I have to enslave myself to search and download (illegally for sure) songs that I can play for the night. And the fact that my knowledge of good prom songs is much similar to the brain of a week-old chick (plus the fact that I've never actually been to a prom before).. so that puts me in a real dilemma.. anyway what kinda songs do you want to hear during a prom??? And then there's the problem of finding something really nice to wear for the night... (Kuching is not exactly the capital or even subcapital of fashion for the matter doesnt help at all)... And even if I really manage to dress up for the occasion, then theres really no use. Because I'm the dj, the job wil probably consume most of my time. Prom is to mingle right? (with chics^^).. And so here I lie still behind in my schoolwork and not really in functional mod (whatever that is) and tons of stuff to finish by friday...

Tiny Talk
Join me for the prom this SATURDay at 6pm, Tickets up for sale at RM35 a piece...
call me for info 0168849004.. pranksters' are welcome to call...I'm bored so it could be fun..^^
Out and still will be here for now... DJ-Apple in the house...(^.^)

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