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Minesweeper Champ....wooooo

Wednesday, April 30, 2008 by Chemical Apple

Okay, for the intro... Almost in everybody's computer got that crazy game of Minesweeper! (except for my Uni's computer!)...
When I first used my computer, Minesweeper was practically the lousiest dumbest game ever invented... All you do is click click and click on the tiles and see what happens.. either you get a number (or a bunch of them) or you get Bombed!....and the smiley thing will go :x ......
Frankly I never know and I'd just go and play Pinball....

But then some time ago when I was still in Inti, there was this girl in the student council with me, Ai Chen... When we were on duty in the council (obviously a boring job), she'll just sit by the computer and start playing it. I thought she played it out of boredom...but 1 day she suddenly jumped and shouted in joy..and her friends came over and they took pictures of the screen... and this is not the normal level or easy level, its the hardest level....
There and then I found out that Minesweeper is actually pretty hard and require thinking skills beside Mother Luck being by your side....

Enough of the past and back to the present..some of you might even wonder by now, whats the real idea behind this post....
The reason of this post is to, like my friend Giz said "Memuji diri sendiri(Praising yourself)".. sorry babe, you not here to puji me...so had to do it myself...

I finally WON aka finish the Hardest aka Final level of the game!!!!.....that after 652 tries (divided between me and my friend Sujen)....feel SO relieved.... What a way to finish up my free week rite? Crazy....

1) Boleh Tahan or not me???
2) Watched Ironman already? Better do... 1 of the best!!!

CV! Camp Camaraderie!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 by Chemical Apple

For those of you that are ill-informed (the word sounds so cool, dont really care if its wrong lol), CV! is one of my Uni's independent body.. Its a volunteer thing and so I guess you'd connect it with Charity, if assuming you can put two to two....

And being a new member I was all in into joining the upcoming Curtin Camp (in May)... Until someone asked me whether I wanted to join the CV! Camp Camaraderie last weekend.. What more being a 'rash' person (
A person who dunno how to make decision properly), I just jumped into it...

Only to realize most of the people joining the camp are active (can say long-time members) aka not newbies like me lol... Imagine the embarrassment I'd suffer if I dont click with the people... I dread being the outcast of one's group..you know the fler being left-out, kicked to the side..^^(
owh how 'Optimistic' I can be!..)..
You can just say there were like >10 butterflies in my stomach that moment.. the first moments of the camp was just as I dreaded..Everybody seems to know someone else, and I only know one(who didnt really talk to me, in a way!) and at that moment I feel so terrible...

As the camp continued (it took just a few minutes though) I found out that the guys here weren't that bad! Actually they were kinda fun to be with.. plus my friend
Sujen decided, in the last few seconds, to ditch his rugby training and join me....
Here's some photos...feeling lazy so the rest of the photos are in my Facebook Photo Album..
Can add me if you want, hehe...

Iqbal aka Somebal aka LionKing giving his Intro on CV!

HisHam aka KampuaBoy aka the serial hugger with Raymond aka KoalaBear..
My fav photo of Raymond!

Caught in Action...Tired people sleeping..
And of course we had lots and lots of games...

And what more than to end the post with the most
Hamsup + serial rapist + retard photo of the lot!
Me (damn my eyes popping out!), HisHam, Sujen, Ian..

till Later...

1) 1 Week of freedom aka boredom aka dunno-what-to-do.....
2) I feel so relaxed ermm too relaxed...

Why Dont You and I Be Together Forever...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 by Chemical Apple

This song keeps playing in my head for ever since I heard of it....

I guess now I know for real when people do stuffs out of the ordinary when they feel this way...
Or I guess I just have too much sugar in my bloodstream..hyper dude!
"Get together and take on the world and be together forever"..Don't you just love this part...

Since the moment I spotted you,
Like walking around with little wings on my shoes,
My stomach's filled with the butterflies,

Ooh, and it's all right,
Bouncing round from cloud to cloud,
I'd got the feeling like I'm never gonna come down,
If I'd said I didn't like it then you'd know I lied,

Everytime I try to talk to you,
I get tongue-tied,
It turns out that everything I say to you,
Comes out wrong and never comes out right.

So I'll say why don't you and I,
Get together and take on the world and be together forever,
Heads we will, Tails we'll try again,
So I'll say why don't you and I,
Hold each other and fly to the moon and straight on to heaven,
Cause without you they're never gonna let me in.

When's this fever going to break?
I think I've handled more than any man can take,
I'm like a love-sick puppy chasing you around,

Ooh, and it's all right,
Bouncing round from cloud to cloud,
I got the feeling like I'm never gonna come down,
If I'd said I didn't like it then you'd know I lied.

Everytime I try to talk to you,
I get tongue-tied,
It turns out that everything I say to you,
Comes out wrong and never comes out right.

So I'll say why don't you and I,
Get together and take on the world and be together forever,
Heads we will, Tails we'll try again,
So I'll say why don't you and I,
Get together and fly to the moon and straight on to heaven,
Cause without you they're never gonna let me in.

Slowly I begin to realize,
This is never going to end
Right about the same time you walk by,
And I say 'Oh here we go again',

Everytime I try to talk to you,
I get tongue-tied,
It turns out that everything I say to you,
Comes out wrong and never comes out right.

So I'll say why don't you and I,
Get together and take on the world and be together forever,
Heads we will, Tails we'll try again,
So I'll say why don't you and I,
Get together and fly to the moon and straight on to heaven,
Cause without you they're never gonna let me in.

So I'll say why don't You and I,
Get together and take on the world and be together forever,
Heads we will, Tails we'll try again,
So I'll say you why don't You and I,
Get together and fly to the moon and straight on to heaven,
Cause without you they're never gonna let me in.

1) Why do they always makes it hard?
2) At this point life has no easy ways... just trying my best to still enjoy it..
3) I got extra chemistry class now! aarghh...
4) I hate choices..I suck at making the right ones...

Lab report..Lab report..

Monday, April 21, 2008 by Chemical Apple

Every time when it comes to doing these kinda reports, I'd just wait till the last moment and bust my ass.... Its not that its that hard just Its so damn boring.. Like who cares how many mole of liquid you spilled anyway? rite? (dont answer that, its a rhetorical question)

I got really nothing to post bout today... so just enjoy (IF you can read it) my notes on Chemistry lab... Doctor's writing rite? SO NOT! Engineer maybe..^^

1) To tired to post anything useful...
2) My brain cells are busting their asses....gotta appreciate them lol...
3) I'm SOO confused!

Photographing instinct...

Friday, April 18, 2008 by Chemical Apple

I sat down for a moment.. thinking back all the stuffs that happened through out the week...
After a few moments, I was feeling rather empty (nothing much happened thats why) and bored... And so at that moment my instinct, I call it my photographer's instinct, kicks in...

And then me and my buddies who happens to (Unfortunately, I'd say) be there will start our 'modeling' cum 'photo shoot' session!

These are some of the photos we got..and I really got to say some turned out pretty awesome!

This is my current wallpaper... unedited...Just love the blue color here..

This is one of my best shots... The model is Josh, my Eng mate...

This photo features my friend Sujen and me... notice the detail of the water..
This is me..Staring at the sunset...
edited version of my previous post... I like this one better..

I got more...but I's rather spare the details for later...^^

1) This is kinda a bad week for me..lots of mishap, mostly my bad..
2) She still dont (or maybe wont) talk to me..haihz...

Reflection of a Silhouette

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 by Chemical Apple

I had a few hours free before my next class just now...
So instead of heading back home or facing the computer again (which I had been doing for too long a time), I decided to hang out with a couple of my pals near my Uni's lake...
There's this beautiful lake right behind my uni's block which was quite deserted most of the times...

It is quite picturistic (right word?) except that the water is black..haha...and the worse part is they say got Crocodiles there? I dunno whether its just rumours or true la...but who cares rite? (unless I hear someone being pulled into the lake by the croc, i'd still go thr)...

We had a nice chat reflecting back on our lives... and as the sunsets, the view was fantastic..so who could resist and not take shots rite? ...ahhahaha....
I just love this picture! Nice angles and great lighting, quoting my friend, Josh!

Reflecting on my Silhouette...

1) what would you do if the girl you love, hates you? (hate is rather strong, despise sound better)

Weird Foody Names

Monday, April 14, 2008 by Chemical Apple

If you go to almost any food cafes, restaurants.. You'd almost always encounter the same dish with the same names...Which sometimes can be kinda boring (not everyone will agree to this but then its my post so lucky me)...

So I think because the Owners wants people to be interested they change the names of the dishes...Hence there is Singapore Chicken Rice and Malaysian Chicken Rice, which are still chicken rice...

But then there are people who try to make it more interesting by changing the whole name into something completely different (or maybe they are just typo, but then typo sound boring and CREATIVE sounds cool)...

I doubt you'd want to eat these if you've only heard bout the name..(but mabe some of you will lar, got people willing to eat weird stuffs like bulls penis..bluek)... FYI I took the picture in a restaurant in my hometown and believe me, Me and my friends were trying so hard not to burst out in laughter...

Kolon Kueh Tiaw and Kolon Mee....
How many of you want to try that? haha...I know someone who will though....
Joshua... eeeeee......

Sambal Black Prophet!
We eat all kind of food everyday...from sushi to rice...

But then how many can say that they've actually eaten a Black Prophet?
masak ala sambal somemore...haha.... I pity those prophets and messenger of God...
They did nothing wrong but yet got price on their head already....^^

Get what I meant?
WTF... people are getting weird and weirder everyday....lol

1) What do you do if you like someone so much but when you meet her nothing right comes out...only those stupid jokes and crap...but deep down you know you want to say something so much more........................................................................................................................
2) Right now I feel like a huge pendulum stopped from its regular strides....

MS Championship 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008 by Chemical Apple

For those of you who dont know what MS is, please please DONT refer to the Medical Dictionary.... Bcoz you might just find Multiple Sclerosis which I doubt we'd want to have..(touch wood touch wood).. And my title would sound weird because I truly doubt (no offense to those with relatives having this MS), my uni got enough MS patients to actually hold a tournament...

In case I start blabbing up some rubbish, I'd really better get on with my point..
MS stands for Malaysian Studies, a unit which I doubt most of us like very much...
And when my MS lecturer made it compulsory for us to attend it, I can vouch that most of the class muttered threats and cursewords (under their breath lar) and many would not want to attend...

As for me and a few of my considerate friends, we'd just attend it out of pure necessity...
And boy wasn't I shocked to see that out of the 6 MS groups, my groups attendance was the highest.. Make me quite proud also..haha....

We took part in FOUR games namely Congkak, Kayu Tiga, Galah Panjang, and Batu Seremban...all traditional games played by Malaysians long time ago....
These games even sounded so lame compared to nowadays hits like the Nintendo Wii, PS2 and so on...(that was partially the reason why so many people didnt even bother to come)...

Being as competitive as we were, naturally we wanted to win everything..^^.. I represented my group in Congkak (traditionally a girls game, but f**k who Cares rite?).. Mainly because the game was less movement based ( I hate to get all sweaty, but eventually I still did) and also no one wanted to play the bloody game....

And guess what's the surprise of the day was? I bloody WON the congkak tournament..Considering I was up against an experienced girl in the final match... Guess I got pretty lucky considering the last time I played congkak was like forever.....

An adding on to the sweet victory was the Kayu Tiga team(A game played with two teams and 4 slippers) won their tournament, the Batu Seremban girls got second place and the Galah Panjang team got the third prize...I was in the Galah Panjang final game against the Facilitators team.. Was quite fun and we won against them..^^

We wenthome with the biggest prize being overall winners and get to pop the Champagne.. Grape juice in the champagne like bottle, shook it hard and the cork come flying out at least a few metres far...^^

The team after the games... Tired but happy as well.....

Steve our team captain receiving the First prize hamper from our MS lecturer, Mr Awangku.

Group Pose..

With the faci's and the BLUE team, my team lar....

SPOILS of war.... YooHoo...

Steve shaking the 'Champagne bottle, hard....

And it POPPED!....THe cork flew so far...

VICTORY taste sooo SWEET!!

We divided the spoils of war and gave some to the faci's team....
And them it was time to LEPAK again...bcoz Life sometimes can turn from being happening and fast-paced to boring and snail-paced in a matter of seconds....

1) I dont know why but my photo captions are all striked through...@.@"
2) Here's to more VICTORY...
3) Pinksterz got PINK'D!!!

Sunny Pics from My Uni..

Friday, April 11, 2008 by Chemical Apple

It was a hot day and boring...got 4 hours of free time till the next class...what would you do?
I'd sit around..chill and relax..and catch some PICTURES!!!

Behind the GP block..
Me and 2 of my friends relaxed here under that tree on the left...
Even the hot sun poses no threat...^^

Taken in Fluorescence light balance mode...
Nice..check out the sun...that black one on the trees...

We need MORE Blood, people!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008 by Chemical Apple

Disclaimer: This post post is not recommended for those with fear of blood!

Ah.. High time I post some photos on my blog coz its getting kinda dull in here...
So today my Uni's CV! (Curtin Volunteers) organized a blood donation drive which was co-organised by the Malaysian Red Crescent Society and Miri Hospital Blood Bank....

And so being a kind human being (contrary to popular beliefs bout me being evil and all), I decided to chip in some of my 'Precious' blood which by the way the medical assistant told me was laden with haemoglobin. (for you with little knowledge on bio, Haemoglobin are those things in your blood which carries the oxygen. So basically higher is better..mwahaha)...

And FYI my blood group is AB + so that literally means I have the stingy type of blood.... Universal Receiver ma... This is my third time donating but still I was damn nervous.. I actually was afraid I'd fail the blood pressure limit...^^
In fact I did post bout my first time donating blood! Click here>>
MY BLOOD (the chronicles) if you want to read bout it!

My blood very very very safe wan.... You want?

The Uni's lobby was packed with people..(most of them got extra blood I think..)

Picture of the CV! girl taking pictures of the donaters...

My physics lecturer joining the fun..

The elephant tranquilizer.. '
The MA told me that its one of the biggest needle around..

So scared??
My friend who is sooo scared to donate blood...

My own pint of blood! Still warm and fresh...
Vampire's stay away!!..^^"

The aftermath.. a small puncture..
I likey the handiplast!!

Pints and pints of FRESH blood!!!

CV! people acting busy...

After donating my blood, I was up and about... No feeling of dizziness or anything... Which is great.. Nobody wants to drink and get hangovers rite? (if u get what I meant!)...
There's this one boy who fainted (or nearly fainted!), maybe first time donor I guess... And a girl who nearly cried...pity her, me and my friend were observing her that time..haha.. A couple of hours after then only I felt a bit dizzy.. Not yet had my Lunch lar..hahaha..

Me and a couple of friends went to this Malay shop which were selling Javanese food...
FYI Java is in Indonesia not malaysia k...
Apparently my friend heard that the 'Nasi Lalapan' was great here!!

The rumours were TRUE!! The food was so good, we finished the whole thing..Licin!!

Quite a long post for me this time yea?.. Hope you enjoyed it..The blood and all..
I've got a script to write and a lab report to finish and yet here I am..how typical!

1) My arms are weakk...so weak..
2) Never try too hard because life is never fair!


Tuesday, April 08, 2008 by Chemical Apple

Remember my previous post?
My song widget got some probs so here's a youtube video for you people...

My FAVE Song (For now lar)

Saturday, April 05, 2008 by Chemical Apple

You know you are addicted to a song when you hear it repeating itself as if on auto mode inside your head... And then you can resist the urge to play the song at least once when you are out driving... This is kinda like my FAVE song at the moment... And the lyrics are quite straight forward! Don't we all wanna live like some big Rockstar????


I'm through with standing in line
To clubs we'll never get in
It's like the bottom of the ninth
And I'm never gonna win
This life hasn't turned out
Quite the way I want it to be

(Tell me what you want)

I want a brand new house
On an episode of Cribs
And a bathroom I can play baseball in
And a king size tub big enough
For ten plus me

(So what you need?)

I'll need a credit card that's got no limit
And a big black jet with a bedroom in it
Gonna join the mile high club
At thirty-seven thousand feet

(Been there, done that)

I want a new tour bus full of old guitars
My own star on Hollywood Boulevard
Somewhere between Cher and
James Dean is fine for me

(So how you gonna do it?)

I'm gonna trade this life for fortune and fame
I'd even cut my hair and change my name

'Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars
And live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars
The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap
We'll all stay skinny 'cause we just won't eat
And we'll hang out in the coolest bars
In the VIP with the movie stars
Every good gold digger's
Gonna wind up there
Every Playboy bunny
With her bleach blond hair

Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar
Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar

I wanna be great like Elvis without the tassels
Hire eight body guards that love to beat up assholes
Sign a couple autographs
So I can eat my meals for free
(I'll have the quesadilla, ha, ha)
I'm gonna dress my ass
With the latest fashion
Get a front door key to the Playboy mansion
Gonna date a centerfold that loves to
Blow my money for me
(So how you gonna do it?)
I'm gonna trade this life for fortune and fame
I'd even cut my hair and change my name


And we'll hide out in the private rooms
With the latest dictionary and today's who's who
They'll get you anything with that evil smile
Everybody's got a drug dealer on speed dial, well

Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar

I'm gonna sing those songs
That offend the censors
Gonna pop my pills from a pez dispenser

I'll get washed-up singers writing all my songs
Let's sing 'em every night so I don't get 'em wrong


And we'll hide out in the private rooms
With the latest dictionary and today's who's who
They'll get you anything with that evil smile
Everybody's got a drug dealer on speed dial

Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar
Hey hey I wanna be a rockstar

I've added a widget for the lyrics and music for this song.. so bear with me and try to enjoy yourself with the song..^^

1) I wanna drive 15 cars..haha..at once..
2) I am 20 years old and 1 day ....

04-04-1988 and a Wii Experience..

Friday, April 04, 2008 by Chemical Apple

In case you are wondering why my post title is a date so far back (which means you are very dim hihi), I was born on this day 20 years ago... I doubt my parents know at that time what an evil genius I'd be! harhharhar(thats supposed to be my evil laugh!)..

I wonder how I was on this day when I was just a small bundle (of joy?), barely able to do anything on my own.. except feed and crap, then crap and keep feeding...^^

Today is a special day for me (how many times you expect me to turn 20 rite?) but then for a change today was a very very ordinary day for me... Apart from the tons of text messages, greetings from my friends, relatives, buddies, I'd still say it was a pretty normal day for me...

Ask yourself this one question what would you do if you turn 20 today? (for those that below that just imagine, for those that already passed the stage try to remember)....

For me the number 2 signifies a total change. Its like you've become older, you are no more the guy with the number 1 in front of your age. (unless you're like 100+, which unlikely you;ll be here reading some teenage crap)... Honestly I felt older, even when I'm in Uni surrounded with those in my class which I have to say are younger than me...

And speaking on the topic of feeling OLD, the first thing I did when i got home from uni today was to play Nintendo Wii with my cousin brother who was exactly half my age at 10 years old!! haha... so much for being old...
Its true when people say you can take a person away from something but then you can never take the something away from the person..haha..(I sort of forgot whats the real saying, my bad)...

Playing the Boxing game! David vs Goliath!

The damn game was surprisingly fun and thats from a fler that very rarely play Nintendo stuffs..^^...The games were fun and action-packed...that is our very own actions.. its totally different with Playstations and Xbox..

Have to move and stuffs, I even sweated quite a bit.. the controllers were total cool, wireless so it allows movement control.. I lost the boxing match and bowling match.. but surprisingly I won playing baseball and tennis! ^^...(win against a kid, how low can a guy stoop haha)... The game and console itself is addictive.

Imagine trying to be a pro-bater in the baseball series, holding your virtual bat (which is the Wii controller) and hit! Scoring a home run!!!... weee...

Now who can say that playing video games is bad for health. I bet they are gonna list the Nintendo Wii as a form of Exercise in the near future!!..^^

Tired after the games.. i barely even sat ok..

1) I feel rejuvenated after the game.. reminds me that I'm not that old anyway..
2) Headache..and I want food...haha..cravings..
3) Thanx for layan-ing my long long post..
4) thanx for the bday greetings and stuffs...i appreciate it..

Finishing 19, starting 20!

Thursday, April 03, 2008 by Chemical Apple

Finally after 19 attempts and 19 full years of living and another couple of hours, I will have reached the number 2. Haha.. Hopefully you get my point! (if not I'm afraid,you are a lost cause sigh*)...

In plain English, I have finally reached the ripe age of
20 YEARS OLD..(thats like so freaking OLD sigh* again!) This year I find myself in (so called entertainment capital of Sarawak) MIRI! Thats a change, last year I celebrated my 19th birthday in Kuching although relocating from 1 place to another is not alien to me...

Okay so lets recap what I did the past year...
Wasted, stoned, failed to succeed, lost faith in myself, wasted again, wallow in self-pity over the stupid decisions i made, got stoned again, wasted chances in life and love (thats right), wasted 2 years of my life (because of my stupid decision), sigh..I just dont want to remember them all.. I dont deny theres the good stuffs also but then it brings back memories that makes me condemn myself...I could have done so much but yet all I did was so little. How true is that phrase ' You'll reap what you sow"!..

Ah, the past year and all those years wont come back to me but then I know there's more to come. Hopefully this time I'll turn the tables as I turn over a new leaf.
But sigh* a resolution is always just a resolution if no work is put into it, nothing ever comes in a complete piece. There'll always be the bits and pieces of the huge jigsaw that I gotta put together to achieve my PRIZE. No work equals to no success, but then thats the hardest part.

"The only place where Success comes before Work is in the dictionary."
"Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful."..

Hopefully I have learned from my mistakes.. There is no such thing as a lost cause for as long as there's a will, there surely will be a way.
I tried to be funny, tried to blend in wherever I go, always afraid to be left behind. But then after 19 years I have learnt this, set the bar high up and even if you fall, you'll fall somewhere near the bar.. never limit your capability because God's gift to us is limit-less. Set the bar where you know you can then you'll never ever improve. Wallow in self-pity and you'll just go to waste. Imagine if Thomas Edison stopped when he fail to create the light-bulb, we wont even have light!..

Sorry for
bothering you guys with this extra-emo post but then where else can I put out my emotions if not to this desolate blog of mine (I'm single wud).....

“Victory is sweetest when you've known defeat"
Maybe I'll just hang on to this last line!

1) I'm wallowing in self-pity, which I know I should not.
2) A new beginning anyway..
3) I need someone....