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Harry Potter 5 Die Hard..

Thursday, July 12, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Just another movie review from the addict-yet-humble Apple, the Blue one of course..
Watched two movie in one day and silly me was wondering where all my $$$ gone to!!..
I didnt manage to watch DieHard when it premiered but like a true Potter fan, caught the premiere of HP5 movie.. missed 2 class because of that movie..Anything for the order rite??
Watched Die Hard late at around 11pm coz no seats before then, still full!!
Here is my review but no spoilers though (hopefully).. just what I think..^^

Harry Potter 5 was without doubt (for me) a dissapointment..
What a waste of my $$$ and I know my lecturer will reprimand me aka talk non-stop bout how evil I am...wakaka... But Mr David Yates cut out like so many parts from the book (the interesting best best part summore) that the movie went so DULL.... Even some of the story line been altered.. Why alter something soo PERFECT!!!
I read and reread the book soo many time that I already half-memorized the story and I tell you (the none Potter fans) that the movie is not half as good as the book!! truly...
Its like watching some boring tv series aka drama...
But on the higher note the acting of the actors especially the new ones like Loony Lovegood and Prof Umbridge dint bother to find out who they were though..
I give it a 5 out of 10 (and thats just because I am a Potter fan)..Mr Yates could have done a little better if he had put in a few more minutes into the movie...

Die Hard 4.0 is a completely different story!!!
It was funny (when he wanted to bash up his daughter's bf) and adrenaline-pumping (when he went to pick up the Hacker) from the VERY beginning!!!
The setting of the story and the story itself plus the amazing visual really got me hard..
I watched the movie with my mouth open for most of the time..(truly, good thing it was kinda dark so nobody saw it, I hope)... and plus his daughter (the actor that played his daughter) is kinda cute annndd Hot!!! I cummed watching her kissing, literally
Imagine if a fire-sale really occur to any country, poof everything GONE!!!!
awesomely cool and scary.. The movie made me realise how dependant we are to the computer aka laptop aka hp etc etc for our daily live....

Thats about it, anything more than that and it'll be crap dy (if not already)....
And to sum the two movie, I'd say:

Harry Potter 5 Die Hard!!!!!!
Die Hard win by 4.0 knockout ....

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pinksterz said...

i still go for potter!

i worship potter!

cheesie said...

You have been cheesed! Muahahha.

Reference: I came i saw i cheesed you

Des said...

yea die hard rules!

action packed Mr. Willis but sometimes ove exaggerated adee i tink...still nice though

Chemical Apple said...

i'm still a die-hard potter fan...pinksterz
(tat sounded odd)..hehe
exageration is nice..kuang kuang des

Piffles said...

nice! dunno if i'll be able to watch it in the cinema. sniff. i got no friendssssssssssss.

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