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Lockup, Bailout, Free to Raya!

Monday, October 15, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Remember I wrote bout my cousin and his pals got busted wrongfully by cops the day before Raya? Here's some of the pics.. Both of them were prime suspects in a break-in case. (which I want to say out loud is OUTRAGEOUS!)... We were regular customers in the place and they accuse us of robbery?! Slander!!

Sungai Maong police station.
The cell door marked number 9 is where they spent the nite.
Free check-in complete with breakfast in bed!

The ex-con pitifull faces! ^^
They were asking for us to tapau chicken rice. Food in police jails must be real bad!!

Ex-cons posing.
Mat (maroon) looks like a lawyer out to bail his clients.^^

This is REAl o.. No play play wan!

The police station. Looks like police station in movies o not?

The ex-cons sueing the pub owner on defamatory, slander and humiliation charges.
This is Real! Serves the damned guy rite..

FREE!! At last!
After less than 24 hours in police lockup..

1) After the police bailout we went Raya-ing to our friends homes.. The stomache suffered!!
2) Am Happy!!
3) Happy Birthday someone!

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4 Apples dropped:

Lissa said...

lol a most interesting raya

Chemical Apple said...

yea.. something to remember..
Selamat Hari Raya!!

Annabelle Sinda said...

aiiii..apa hal will kena tangkap:P sempat tangkap gambar..=.=curious..HOW WAS prison food??

Chemical Apple said...

Someone accused him of robbery...
That guy is gonna get sued soon though so no worries...
Prison food? Stale bread and coffee in a plastic bag. The coffee is simply marvelous eh tasteless is the better word...