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Frappe @ Travilion

Sunday, January 28, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Yea yea...this is just another one of my 'random' review..
On that particular day, our Chemistry teacher called in sick. And like other normal student, we went home and slept our day off... NO... instead we drove around town looking to do something out of the ordinary which include checking out every chick erm hotspots we can find....
So this time we went to the new-hype of Kuching town, the Travilion...
was thinking of posing as prospective student for LimKOkWing but that place was way too chic for us dumb Inti peeps..
So we went to the FRAPPE cafe near LimKoKWing...the place looks rather inviting though there was no customers at that time of day...
The counter aka bar-like area...clean and stylish
not to mention theres the shy-hot-chic-tats-making-my-drink factor..^^
This is what our order looks like...==
As you can tell it was only the H2O to quench our thisty throats... This is Hanif's order-a decent Cappucino..nice flavour..This was my choice - Strawberry Latte...chic styling and taste good

Ironically this was the only Frappe ordered...Syahids pick..ignore the finger...Like my friend say, "mabe he lacks attention"..hahaha

Overall the place was ok... except the fact that it kept playing some not-so-chic song.. BORING... the drinks were fine and looks very chic...

tiny talk...
Went for breakfast at Kaya and Toast for 2 days in a row..Kenny Sia was right, the place rocks...
just came back from Gunung Gading resort...damn tired..
Wanna skip class tomoro...yea..

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