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I Destroyed it!! With speed of 4000G..

Thursday, January 25, 2007 by Chemical Apple

So busy nowadays with the class schedule packed to the brim filled with occasional crazy mumbos..
Its life, typical for a student who wants to live life and love it but still cant manage anything...
Quit with the crap, recently my Biology class had an experiment where we get to use a convulging machine (hopefully i got the spelling right).. Its a machine like the one they use on CSI shows to 'shake and stir' the stuffs with high speed.
We were suppose to convulge a mixture of blended green leaves for chlorophyll stuffs... Initially we were suppose to use speed up to 2000G but my curiousity got the better of me. I found out that we can set the machine to run on very high speed, up to few thousand G..
So I set up a sample to run at double the initial speed that is 4000G... At first sight the machine was steadily gaining speed and then it started to shake violently (not SO violent, just extra shaky)..
And when I heard a 'pfzzzzz' sound I knew that I had to stop the damned machine.
At that moment most of my lab mates were already distancing themselves from the machine (maybe expecting it to blow up? who knows..)
When I opened up the machine the glass convulging tube was already reduced to mere glass pieces... Wow.. talk about EXTREME force.. The glass tube was reduced from a full size tube to ssomething like the glass ashes...

The convulging machine...
The convulging tube filled with blended leaves extract..
before my 'experiment'..The leftover of my experiment..
The 'remains' of the convulging tube in a beaker...

Tiny talk
Still got lots to post about..^^
Had to pay RM4 for the tube...Good thing not that expensieve..^^

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