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Malaysia's very First, Indonesia sucks!

Saturday, October 13, 2007 by Chemical Apple

JAKARTA, Oct 11 (Bernama) - The Indonesian newspapers, with the exception of a few, played down the historic blast-off of Malaysia's first astronaut into space yesterday.Only three newspapers carried the news item on Malaysian astronaut Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Sheikh Mustafa, 35, orbiting into space on Soyuz TMA-II spacecraft.
For the full press release, click HERE

Malaysian first astronaut.
Photo courtesy of the Turkish press.

Firstly, as a Malaysian I feel proud today after watching the space shuttle connect with the ISS in space and the lift off from Baikonur, Russia. But then I feel sad, truly sad because our neighbour, Indonesia's reaction towards the historic event. As an Asian counterpart, they should feel happy even elated that their neighbour can achieve such a feat. Eventhough it is only an eleven day trip to space, its still something big.


Its just the Indonesian Govt and Press though, I still love the Indonesian people..^^
A Shoutout also goes for my cousin, Willie and pal, Lawrence for spending their First Raya nite in Police lockup...Enjoy the nite k..

1) Viva Malaysia.
2) My cousin and fren were in the lockup for a wrongful allegation by an asshole of a person, Harrison Lunsa. May you die a painful death.Dude,that sounds way too extreme but on second thought, maybe not!

3) Did I mention it was Dr Mahathir's brainstorm. Hopefully he wins the Nobel Peace prize, already one of the finalist.

But I still think playing gasing up there is way to dumb!
Photo taken from Monsterblog.com.my
And before I forget..
to all Malaysians where ever you are (even the one in space^^)

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Anonymous said...

Go fuck with Badawi

Anonymous said...

Badawi dah meninggal..ko nak fuck cam ner? mengong...Badawi tu name bapak die..