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Friday, November 09, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Take one crazy dude
Stuff one set of Beatbox in him
And walaa! You'd get this dude!Joseph Poulpo, the Human Beatbox
(maybe its 'Humans',he must have eaten someone else by now!)

Grabbed this few youtube vids from kukujiao ! This guy, Joseph Poulpo is SOO totally cool... He can produce 3 sounds (or is it more??) at one go! Born a human, turned out to be a Beatbox.... Human Beatbox la....


1) I told you so!!

2) Happy Deepavali to all those celebrating.. have fun...
3) Exams! Dont we all hate them?

2 Apples dropped:

KY said...

i thought it's the auto installer fantatisco..

Chemical Apple said...

haha... wahatever..
neway tell me who can beat it better than this dude?