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Happy CNY 2008

Wednesday, February 06, 2008 by Chemical Apple

Time flies many times too fast lately.. The hang of NewYear hasnt even been over and now its time for Chinese New year... I doubt i'd be able to go visiting back home so this is my CNY post for all of my friends.....

The year of the Rat is near...
As we age and join the Rat raceI'm 20 this year aarghh,
hope our friendship will remain forever near..
An orange or two as a give for you,
eventhough it has no taste but texture will do...

Hopefully the year of the Rat will bring Fortune to all of you..

Regardless of wherever we shall be, you, my friend shall always be...

From your friend the little golden Dragon
I was born in the year of the Dragon wud ^^..

1) Its sort of no tune poem but nevertheless its an original..hehe^^
2) Happy Chinese New Year to all of you...
3) GOng Xi Fa Cai.. hong pao na lai!!!

PenanG mali wan a...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008 by Chemical Apple

I'm done with college so whats next in the 'Itinieary of my Life'?
Whatelse if not go on a well deserved, not HOLIDAY rite...
2 years of college and never enough holiday time to travel (trust me its true)... so I headed to KayElle and then directly to Penang.. FYI Penang IS my hometown but then the only thing I truly miss is the FOOD...... I've had countless Koay Teow Goreng since I've been here..^^..
I'm in a cyber and cant really concentrate on writing so ENJOY my pics...(my pic-taking skills has improved I gather)...^^

The Pantai Bersih skyline at Sunset...

StarFish combo..

The beach....sand, water, and sky.

Sole Survivor...but already dead...

soothing sight...

Pigeons flocking...
In Sarawak, it'd be dead already.. joking...^^

Char Koay Teow.... with the uuummmpphh!!!


1) Its all food here... but always JAM...too many cars..
2) On a lower note, a moment of silence for my Uncle that just passed away. (@@')