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Jerusalem (World Cup Version)

Friday, June 09, 2006 by Chemical Apple

And did Geoff Hurst in ancient times
Score one of England’s greatest goals?
And was the Holy hand of God
Used against England by our foes?
And did the countenance divine
Of Gascoine crease and flood with tears?
And have we still not won the cup
In nigh on forty bloody years?

Bring me Rooney to score lots of goals
Bring me Gerrard with heart of fire
Bring me Beckham. Midfields unfold!
Bring me Frank Lampards strong desire
With Cole and Terry’s ceaseless fight
To keep the defence locked up tight
And with Paul Robbo keeping net
Perhaps we’ll win the World Cup yet!!!!!

p/s a rewrite of a William Blakes patriotic song.

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swinnix said...

world cup world cup world cup......
there are some rules during world cup period rite?
1. the tv will only belong to those soccer lovers(mainly guys) anywhere anytime. No exception for tht.
2. during tht particular period,guys will bcum deaf n bisu. dont expect they will listen to u or b sweet-talking as they usually do.
3. if their favourite teams lost in the match,dun say sumthing like 'its ok. it just a match' to them. they will only feel more angry.
M i rite? =)

dre*xin said...

nop those r wrong facts..guys wil only watch their team plays..not totally one month in front the tv..
And guys who r in love wil stil say lovely n comforting words to his baby..n share everything wit her..n dev, wish england all the best ya...must win oh.. chow! cya! byee baby..heee 'by 'by..

Chemical Apple said...