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Explosion...miniature form

Sunday, October 01, 2006 by Chemical Apple

I've always liked the subject Chemistry.... not the lectures but the LAB is very very fun(doing the lab report is another pain in the arse)....
and so this time (nothing else happened in Kuching this week safe for the haze build up) I'm gonna upload a video of my recent 'FieRy ExPolSioN' from my class's lab experiments....
No actual humans were harmed in the making of this explosive(a couple of ants wont count rite?)..
not actually a bomb in the making but really just a very interesteng exp(i tried it nearly 5 times untill the lecturer reprimanded me)...hahaha...lol

tiny talk
1) I REALLY REALLY want to blow something up nowadays...tension tension...
2) Its getting really hazy nowadays in Kuching...

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2 Apples dropped:

Unknown said...

I remember when I took Chemistry. I never could get decent product yields.

I found physics labs lots of fun too.

Chemical Apple said...

owh... my results usually 50-50..
sometime rite, sumtime wrong completely...interesting though..
i dont have physics..but biology lab nowadays boring..becoz now mostly plants..lame..hahaha