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A poem on ALCOHOL....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006 by Chemical Apple

I love the clink & the chink and the scent
of the stink of it on a girl’s breath

and the draw, the lure of the mixing a drink of it
bottles of thick creamy stout

sting of a tall German Krout bottle with a kick
hit with a stick
tart sharp as a knife or a
whore’s knicker kiss -

I love alcohol
the thirst of a long cool glass of it

short gaelic cough of a barman’s nip
a medicinal one, one for the road &

the favourite of all the hair of the dog

its a prairie fire its a blind doggies chance
its in over your head its over in a trance

its the smell of the lure that’s the draw of the cure
its divine
its what makes things going to turn out fine.

Just a half? Don’t make me laugh.

Its a hit and I love it.

I love alcohol.

(just a bit.)

Tiny Talk...
1) Today is the 10th day of the 10th month...
2) Lectures today have been FUN... It all circulates on SMOKING and ALCOHOL....not boring at all....for once I dont feel sleepy...
3)This poem is dedicated to my friends that loves ALCOHOL (not excessively la).... Let us be merry for ever....(^.^)...

Tipsy-Apple out...

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