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A Night Out

Monday, October 16, 2006 by Chemical Apple

Thing can have their amazing turn... and I sure like things when they are Unplanned and so this minute you figure you gonna do something but then it'll change.. Some may say that this i somebody with a sure lack of self-discipline and really Bad time management.. Maybe I'm like that, but truth be told when I say I like it that way.. At least there will be that One bit of FUN left in this world...^^

So last wednesday I was so bored(as usual), no one wanna go see movie. And so I hook up with a couple of friends (val and syl) and decided to stuff myself with food in HErtz Chicken(I know I shouldnt).... and then we changed plan and decided to go to Richmond Place at Ellis road for steak(this is due to Sylvi). The night was still early so I brought them to my Fav hangout, The Office. We hook up with a couple more friends (Jon and Mel) and met up in front of the Office. I was niely surprised to find that wednesday was ladies night (free flow of vodka and whisky). I started the night with Sex on the beach, Jon(pina colada), Val(screwdriver). The girls naturally chose vodka.
Mmmm..Sex on The Beach(wonder how it would feel literally^^)
The CREW....toast all the Masters...
It was fun chatting nonchalantly and posing for pics (including a lil bit of girl on girl action^^)... The night got heated when we decided to play some kinda Dice game (Sylvia taught us how to play).. I already downed my Flaming Lamborghini and so my system already 'rev up'. I surprisingly was good at the game(the lamborghini must have helped) and Mel was the 'unlucky' one... she was downing the vodka&whisky at one go... (who lose must down the drink n one go)....^^ We literally TOOK over the whole bar with our laughter....
We ended the night at 10pm, everyone was a lil tipsy(somebody must have been over tipsy dy)...And went back our separate ways... Overally it was a Good night and it was fun spending the night with them...

Tiny Talk
I like Strong Cocktail...must try ALL the cocktails there...
and guys..when are we going out AGAIN???
Sobered-apple out...(._.")

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