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There's a Thing in My pocket..

Sunday, August 05, 2007 by Chemical Apple

"There's a Thing in my pocket, but its not one thing.. Its Many...
Its the same with other things but exactly like nothing else..
It has an eye and an ear, it shares.....etc etc..lazy to rewrite the whole thingy..

I doubt if any one of you havent heard this before..

It is an ad thats been around, one of my favourite too...
and in case if you have forgotten, here's the ad...

Got it already?
Yea I guess you must have.. Its the Nokia N95 series phone!!!!
I had my eye on the ad (and the phone too) for ages since one phone mag release its details..
And now I HAVE IT!!!!!
yea what you read is true.. I got the phone, that phone..N95..its finally mine!!!!
I got the purple colour although its not that significant coz the fronts that matter..
come to think of it the back matters too, what with a 5mp camera, Halleluyah.
I had it for two days already and i'd say it works excellently for me..(it cost a BOMB so it should do a heck of a good job)...
Wanted the n73 before becoz its cheaper but the N95 lets me surf the web through WLan so it works better for me..hehe...
The downside of the whole deal (other than my pocket got burnt holes now) is that I lost my Nokia N-gage while clubbing last night.. It SUCKS as hell and spoilt the whole joyous mood..sigh..
Curse the bastard who stole the phone, hope he die a hellish death and suffer all the way before he die, Gosh, cant believe I wrote that.. Anyway goodbye my dear old friend!!!

There's was a thing in His pocket, Now its in MINE!!!

1) Now that I got the N95, more pictures INCOMING!!!
2) I'm so gonna enjoy the ooh's and the aahh's...
3) N95 oooo.....hahahahaha

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4 Apples dropped:

Anonymous said...

There's a chinese saying "The new won't come if the old didn't go". ~Jiu de bu qU, xin de bu lai~

pinksterz said...

i nvr heard of that ads. yet.

sigh. mcm katak bwh tempurung. lol!

Chee Hsien said...

Woot!! I've moved to my own domain d!! yay!! cheehsien.net!

Chemical Apple said...

Pinksterz, i thought shld have it first lol... Haha
CH, Will update.. Congratz.hehe