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School's A Bore

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 by Chemical Apple

School’s such a bore, melancholic, and old -
The exciting is past and the gossip’s all told.
Teachers, they play on their computers all day;
While the kids talk as though they always had something to say.
Bullies roam free, girlfriends not true,
Good students (or saints) are understandably few.
While some rough guys constantly feud.
Hey, I’m keeping a good attitude.
School lunch is horrifying, nasty, and cold;
Those who try it are exceptionally bold.
Our school team’s a joke, our mascot a bore,
Every day our faces get creamed to the floor.
The dances are repetitious, hot, and dumb,
Many won’t dance, others won’t come.
The kid next to me just noisily spewed,
But hey, I’m keeping a good attitude.
It’s harder to get straight F’s than A’s,
And all count with hope the minusing days.
For summer calls lazily, promising fun
If only you get your school work done.
To those who do not, I sadly say,
Your summer of fun has just lost its ray
Of hope for times always better ahead,
But you just got stuck with Hades instead.
I don’t mean to exaggerate, be offensive, or rude.
This whole time I’ve kept a good attitude

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