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Swinburne on FIRE!!! eh.. Swinburne on SMOKe more likely..

Monday, December 11, 2006 by Chemical Apple

Swinburne caught fire today!!!!!
Hmm.. actually there was more smoke than fire....

Secretly (not rili that hush hush though) I was hoping to see Fire consuming the whole Swinburne building... wink* wink*.... (rolling aroung laughing) (^o^)
Everybody was calling my cuzen (the only Swinburne student around at that moment), informing him bout the 'supposedly big' fire...

Everybody was hyped up and wanted to see something 'BIG'...
when we arrived there was not really anything worth watching... I was thinking the whole building already burned down...hahaha....

Swinburne's new makeover, got Chimney...
Kuching weather gone cold I guess..
Merry Xmas ye Swinburne kids!!!
Was hoping to see more of that building in smoke...Ambulance!! Somebody died???The very 'BUZY' policeman....
"tarak mau rasuah a"
One 'sakai' to the other: "Oi.. Hangus la..Fuyoooo....Kacak eh"Worker A: "hangus la Swinburne!!!"
Worker B: "Fuyoooo!!... Jom minum dulu"

Even the construction workers around the area was acting as if nothing happened..buat dek jak..
Wonder what (or who?) created the fire.... (should have done a better job)....^^

Tiny Talk
Man U rulez!!! Chelsea draw with Arsenal..^^
Final starts today...hope it'll finish soon
oi...Final oso still got time blog eh?!?

Tats all from the arsenist-apple....(x.x)

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