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World's Richest

Tuesday, December 05, 2006 by Chemical Apple

This is sort of a random post...I know its been a while since i posted, well here goes..
I was randomly checking out the Forbes website while waiting for the Naruto series to load on my YouTube...
And then I spotted the list of WORLD's 25 RICHEST PEOPLE....Not surprisingly most of the list is made up of people of the age 45 and above...but ONE person caught my eye most ROMAN ABRAMOVICH age39 (making him the youngest of the lot)..HE's worth 18.2 BILLION. Number 11 of the list (above Dell's founder, Michael Dell). He's also the OWNER of Chelsea (thats the reason why it caught my eye in the first place, still high up there eventhough He spends god-knows how much money on the damned club)
It writes there that his fortune is self-made and he's a college dropout, a f**cking DROPOUT!!?!?!?!?
and then I rechecked again and found out even Bill Gates (the WORLdS richest ass at 50 billion) is also a DROPOUT!!!
anyway quite proud to say that there is 2 Indians in the top25 list (Lakshmi Mittal, numb5 and Azim Premji, numb25)...Wanna emulate this kinda people eh..who doesnt?

Makes me wonder the point of studying (ok.. ok.. I wasnt looking for any reason not to study!)..
Its just that HOW they produced such brilliant idea to make fortunes and fortunes......
I wonder when I can make my FIRST MILLION?? hopefully it'll take not to long a time..
Right Alex? (^.^)

Million-Dollar-Apple out...

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