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Cars and I'm very late

Sunday, November 26, 2006 by Chemical Apple

This thing happened bout a week ago....(hence the very late thingy)
My brain was working extra hard the past weeks...(as if that rarely happens)

okay back to what I wanna blog bout..hihi
I got a chance to 'follow' my cousin(Wira) go convoy(driving around in a pack of cars plus extra crazy driving skills or styles wateva u call it)....
We gathered first at Swinburne (most ppl at the so-called convoy was from Swinburne)... There i met Asif and Amber(Red Gen2), Azri(Kelisa), Erwan (Astina) and also Asif's bro wit the gf,Vee(Civic)...
and then moved to CentralPark, met with the rest of the ppl and waited again for about 1 hour^^....
At last when all have arrived then we started the 'thingy'....It was pure fun (and adrenaline) ...
Even sitting in the car lets us feel the rush...Drivers cutting every moment they can...cars revving high.... plus the strong smell of leather when braking... secretly at that moment I wanted to drive my own car...hehe
The Lancer...cun oneFWuah!!!Murphy's WiraCivicAseef's Gen-2Tail Gating....cool shot..

Thats bout all the pics I gonna post..lazy..huhu
The 'not so nice' part is when we just arrived to Bako (I forgot to tell that the destination was Bako^^)....Just a few minutes after arriving the POLICe ppl came in a van and told us to GET LOST... so long for a nice night.... the rest of the crew went to continue their cruise but we decided to go home (eh not home but go CLUBBING)...haha...yea we didnt go home but went to a karaoke pub to drink and drink and drink (watelse u do in a pub?)...

Tiny Talk
Thanx to shadow-of-killer for the cool pics and video...
eh..lupa pulak... THere
s a much-more-detailed post on this 'event'(over la pulak), in Asif's blog....^^

vroom-vroom apple outta here...(^.^)

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2 Apples dropped:

Annabelle Sinda said...

wah mancal endar nembiak tuk....eh u ppl sud create a movie like what some of my schoolmates did..=D

Chemical Apple said...

wat mancal mancal?
mentang mentang ktk budak 'baik'..hehe
movie? wat movie?
where to find? nice izzit?
tat video taken by a lim kok wing stud....hehe