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Sunday, June 24, 2007 by Chemical Apple

This has been put off way past its time.. but anyway since nothing is happening I may as well Just do it... I was tagged by CheeHsien.. He tagged the whole Shoutout Gang for goodness sake..
And how rite was it when I thought he was NUTS.. kidding CheeHsien.. Promo your blog lil bit lo.. Go see his blog, very very FUNNY one, got lots of DIRTY little SECRETS..

So this is me.. the BlueApple...
I'm currently located in Kuching, The land of HOrnbills-Sarawak..
Lived half of my life in Penang and the other half Sarawak...Hopefully I get to go elsewhere next time.. I'm Indian Iban by race so I'm mixed blood wanted to say halfbreed but that sounded gross! At this moment of writing this entry I'm approximately 19 YearsOld and 2 Months..
Studying the Cambridge A levels in Inti college Sarawak... A decision I regret a lil bit but life goes on rite..haha...Gonna finish in a few months though...And anyway I like making friends so holler if you wanna be my friend this tag bout me bah....

I miss my purple+red hair...
but Blueapple should have BLUE hair rite??

This is me..
Cant change who I am rite? Really dont have any fashion sense..^^

I have buck-tooth and I have extra paddings!! So what rite??? Blerk..
Finally.. Please dont puke when you see my pictures k...
I took them just last night mostly...

Enough pictures??
So you know me now.. What else have I got to tell?

and obviously I'm not an internet paedophile or stalker...I am who I am k..

1) Shoutout becoming very popular now eh.. so many new peeps..
2) Anyone is free to do this tag...

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2 Apples dropped:

AceOne118 said...

Fuiyoh! you looked like bollywood movie star lah wei!!!!

blueapple said...

cheh.. this aceone so evil wan..