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Advertisement Evolution

Thursday, March 27, 2008 by Chemical Apple

Almost everywhere nowadays in everyplace we can get our hands on, there'll be advertising, billboards.. People are getting more and more creative... First there was this marriage proposal by the David guy on a billboard in KL area....creative..eventhough I heard his father owns the billboard so no need to pay lar, and the marriage was planned...

Then we hear about Vagus who got his second o kembang moment when IMU used his photo for their advertisement 'PR purpose'.....

Then I say this one while on holiday in Penang. Talk bout cost-effective... haha.. can see the damn sign from bout a mile away..^^.. And I thought Sarawak people are the ones lacking technology..^^

Penang people really one of a kind. No wonder DAP won last election. ^^..
Thats all for now. Just a short one..

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