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Polls! Polls!

Monday, March 31, 2008 by Chemical Apple

If you come here because you thought I'm talking bout 'Polis! Polis! Sorry to dissapoint you. ^^..the title looks so alike!

Eventhough I think of myself as a creative
(bastard) fella, sometimes I do run out of ideas my 'lovable' Malaysian Studies lecturer once described us engineering students as those without creativity hmphh.. And sometimes the ideas come gushing and then it would be hard to pick one and write bout it because I'd be thinking bout those that got left out prihatin rite? ^^", so it helps if you give me feedback on what i should write. Thanks to Vizu, I've created a kinda cute poll for you to easily give me feedback on. Ahem! With my face on it somemore o...^^.. The poll (which unless your eyesight is very bad aka blind) can be found at the right sidebar (or is it called the centre one?) of my blog...
So happy voting folks.. Its not that hard right? Not as hard as voting for which crap you want as your MP.^^

1) My first poll yeay! Hopefully laku la..^^"..not like its a TOLL, kena bayar..^^
2) April fool tomorrow!!
3) 3 days more to my birthday!!

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pinksterz said...

blog about how great pinksterz is

Chemical Apple said...

haha.. very funny huh? mabe I just will write bout you!