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Friday, March 28, 2008 by Chemical Apple

Its been a while since I damned well being paid to post, so this is my re-try... I've rechecked the site after being off line for so long a time (considered off line la, I was off paid post for a while already but then I realize the addiction (sort of like a craving but then this one is actually good for my health for once^^)..), and the sites now actually have a lot of extra goodies for us bloggers... There's more chances to earn with higher paying posties... So why dont WE all earn something while doing something we love right?
Go to the site, I have the link somewhere in this post (good luck searching for it!).. And check it out for yourself. Last I checked the 'Colleen 692' fler already earned about a cool sum of 20009.81 US dollars!!!! tats like so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much MONEY!!! Imagine what you can do with that much of cash... (off to dream world).. Imagine the toys for guys like me, cars, cars and more cars.. haha... Thats about some of the thing we can get, so why not give it a shot and earn....

Just so that you guys know where to find this PayPerPost stuff, I've created a link. Just click on the picture below, and I guess you know the drill. blog reviews

Life is short so play more and....... surely must gain more.. till later..chao..xbox, ps2, psp, dell xps, etc etc... oops sorry still stuck in dream land I guess...hahA^^

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