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Political Emo Post!

Sunday, March 30, 2008 by Chemical Apple

Hey cant resist the lure of blogging today so here goes one more wacky 'BEER' post!.
Okay Okay I know I know, I should probably stop my long rant on booze so lets talk 'POLITICAL' for one moment okay?

Okay, I know the election's already long gone and the people had their say, nearly! except for me though, not eligible to vote see cause I'm not yet 21. Hallelujah to that too!. But then these so called political figures never cease to create stupid comments that eventually make themselves look like a fool practically! Anyway the only reason I talk political today is because some of it actually affects me all of us I'd say!. The PM Abdullah has said that he would not increase the price of petrol reassuring but then he has the bad habit of doing just the bloody opposite of what he means. So brace yourselves for the increase people! (this is sure gonna burn a hole in my pocket which is rather shallow).. Anyway check this vid out. Some of you might have watched it watch again lah! cause its kinda old already. But back to the point, I'd say that Anwar Ibrahim got a fair point here! And ignore the stupid Ida Nerina face overthere.
I repeat this is NOT porn!

'Najib Mongolia!!' haha.. that's funny! Altantuya in memory..
And Anwar was rite about the zero price increase during his term as the finance minister. Cut the profit lah and subsidies the god-damned petrol price. We are a f**king oil-producing country for goodness sake.
yeah rite!

1) Over emo? no laaa...
2) Miri...... is.......... so.......... slow......
3) As for the dumb title, I just cant find an alternative.^^
4) Gotta put my 'tinytalk' in normal font. My new layout got a too tiny small font..sigh

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