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Bid It..Win It.. How? Check It now..

Wednesday, May 09, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Hmm.. you all heard bout bidding sites rite? Where we bid and the highest will win the prize..
Thats what happen when its all NORMAL!!
Now theres this site not really brand new but its being really up and busy with lots of great prizes to bid for and WIN at the lowest bid ever...
And after checking the site out it states there that even if you do win the prize, NOTHING is charged for the prize. It would be TOTALLY free. even shipping is free.
Now YOU tell me if that isnt AWESOME????

Among the prizes up for grabs is the main prize of $1Million aaahhh, BMW 3 series 2007 oooooo, Panasonic Theatre System etc etc etc...
I love that edition of the BMW though i prefer the 5 series more.. But the prize that I surely would literally die to win for is the USD1Million$....
Imagine what I could do with that amount of dough...
Benjamines my dear Benjamines....ooohhh

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