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My Externals Examination...

Thursday, May 17, 2007 by Chemical Apple

My guess is I'm gonna be MIA (Missing In Action) for a couple of days now.. Thats a sorry for my lack of updates lately.. Although got like a ton of stuff to blog bout but

The real deal is not far from now, and I just cant afford to let it go like that..

Gotta try and make MYSELF proud...

The external Cambridge examinations aka Advanced Subsidiary Level is less than a week away..

Have to burn the midnight oil and clean up my rusty trusty lamp..

and kneel down and pray hard that I may get it rite..

Cant waste the moment though life is still about...

Its my future rite?
So Holla and Ciao...

I'm off for now!!!

1) OFF with the Stupid ignorant MP's...if you get what I mean..
2) Grab my chances now..telling myself coz i'm too dumb to know itIts NOW or Later!!
3) God! Please help me..
4) Conflict of interest? Interesting!!

HELP ME!!-Studying-Apple-argghh..

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