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Some people are WEIRD!! Really WEIRD!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Some people can be really weird sometimes..
Its fine when the 'weird' stuffs they do are sometimes usefull eventhough it doesnt strike as normal to the normal minds.
But when the 'weird' stuffs they do is USELESS.. It just makes me wonder what is it with this people??
Check out this picture I took just now (near Sarawak Plaza, Kuching).. This Iswara has 4 freakin roadtax stucked to its front screen. 4 FREAKIN ROAD TAX???
New kind of car accesories? I just dont get it, whats the freakin USE of this? I always thought we just needed one of those, but someone really loved it literally speaking.
Dont tell me it can fool the JPJ or cops, @.@"
Call it 'inovative', call it 'creative', I just feel DUMB...^^

Some people, you just cant figure them out...
Hmm wonder whether thats why there exist the eccentric and the weirdos..

1) Sorry if I OFFENDED anyone.. Just in the mood!
2) The new channels on ASTRO are kinda cool, watching channel 78 now..OVERHAULIN..
3) The picture is not that clear, sorry!
4) Anybody know of anything to do around Kuching?

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cyber red said...

I seriously think you are the weird one. you got nothing better to do than go snap pictures of things YOU thought is weird and that is weird.
pinging PPS twice on the same post is weirder still.

Mind you, no everyone has to agree to your opinion of things. I can just relate to the 4 road tax on the windscreen, if not this then it's the free windscreen stickers sometimes people gives out to "spot my car" contest.

1) to have some shade from the sun. it's cheaper than tinting.
2) the inferior stickers will sometimes leaved stains on the windscreen after a year in the sun, so it's better to just leave it there.
3) as a conversation piece.
4) serves as a notice to remeber to renew the roadtax, same like those "change oil" stickers

get it? weirdo!

blueapple said...

ooohh at last an encounter with a near 'perfect' asshole...
First thing first, I pinged pps twice because the first ping has the wrong url dumbhead, check it yourself 1st..
Secondly, this is my blog, get it? MY MY MY MY MY MINE...
so what's wrong with me taking pictures MYSELF and posting them MYSELF on MY freakin site??
Its MY MY opinion of things, not YOURS f**ker..
As to your reasonS for the roadtax, I just gotta LAUGH...haha..
so freakin dumb..

p/s people, check his site and see what the dumbhead is all about. TRUE BUMMER!!

Anonymous said...

Don't mind those idiots. His "about me" section had already prooved his unworthyness to let you being angry at. BTW, nice clock plugin above, i like. :)

blueapple said...

Thanx zero...
I couldnt believe these kinda people are still let losse out there..
Talk bout terrorism..duh

Bout the clock thingy, I like too..^^

Lifecode Sotre said...

some people are just sticker freak!! I saw once left middle and right full of sticker.. I don't he drive

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