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Pirates Rulez!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007 by Chemical Apple

So wat do you do if you are facing one of the most important examination (which will decide you future in this world and how much $$$ you make in the future too) ?

You'd STUDY of course! Cram all the informations you can into that pint sized brain of yours !!
But then the showing of one of your most anticipated movie clashes with your study schedule (not to mention I dont even have a proper schedule or any schedule for the matter)!!
What would you do?? I wonder..

When most normal hardworking students geeks, I'm not saying tat I'm not one, just I'm the lazy geek would do more exercise aka work their butt off, I went and watched the movie...
Courtesy of my cousin, yeay!! (I tell you I didnt plan for it! The opportunity just came knocking!!)

I went. I watched. With my pal Andre...At Star Cineplex, Medan Pelita of CatCity.
The event was organized by Swinburne's Leo Club...(unfamiliar territory, surrounded by Swinburners)..Kinda like a charity showing of POC.
Tickets were up at $15, $18, $20, $40..(Kinda expensieve for charity bah but my two tickets were sponsored so no holes were burned^^..)
I'd thought not many would be there (because prize damn expensieve bah) but it was FULL HOUSE!!
Gosh...Kuching-ites so charitable nowadays huh!....
Anyway nothing more I'd wanna say (in case of spoilers you see, you'd want to watch it yourself)..
So shout 'PARLAY!!' someone and lets cut the deal..

Some eye-candies, sugarless eye-candies that is. (coz pictures kinda blur out a lil, was in a hurry..)

The huge POC banner!!

My two tickets!!
(nice design..but they have to cut with scissors..funny)

Full HOUSE!!
The crowd!! I thought not many were coming but the place was packed!!
Some posters of the new upcoming movie Fantastic Four-Silver Surfer..
Random pic while waiting...
1) For the record I liked the movie.
2) We laughed as if watching at home so I'd say the atmosphere was awesome!!
3) Except for a noisy kid, everything was fine! (wo yao hui jia!, wo yao he sui!, wo yau xiao bian! etc)(wanna go home!, wanna drink!, wanna pee! etc)...damn!! Just leave the kid at home ler...

Blueapple-addict-and-lazy out..

2 Apples dropped:

Satkuru said...

i just came back from midvalley after watching jack sparrow and co. i would say the movie was good. as usual there was a lot of humour injected in the movie and i laughed like some 4 year old kid :P

Chemical Apple said...

Me too and not only me but the whole crowd was ecstatic...
Hopefully theres another sequal..haha