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Friday, May 18, 2007 by Chemical Apple

This should be super-quick...

The bottle's HISTORY!!

Sometimes life is not meant to be what it looks to be..
Sometimes being too GOOD, is never true...
Sometimes Life should not be dull..
Sometimes there's something else behind all that...
Sometimes something We dont understand is not all bad..
Sometimes LIfe should not be what others dreamt of...
Sometimes Life should be about us...
Sometimes Life should be OUR way...
Sometimes WE should CHANGE!!
Sometimes when its all DULL and Boring,
We'll think of Something..

Sometimes we need something to SPICE it all up..
Sometimes we need something to Forget...and
Sometimes WHAT we really need is.......
A 2 Litre LABEL 5!!!

1) That was super-quick thinking..
2) I'm not an Alcoholic!!
3) I'm just an occasional drinker..occasionally heavy drinker..
4) My nail needs trimming...
5) I drank and got drunk..
6) And happy though broke!!^^

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