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Suicide? or Murder?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007 by Chemical Apple

If you are a fan of wrestling (or was a fan of wrestling like me), then you'd most probably know this guy up there... The Canadian Crippler aka Chris Benoit was found dead with his 43year old wife and 7 year old son...
The news reports this case as double murder-suicide case... Apparently Benoit killed his son and wife and then hung himself (all happened in 3 separate rooms..) at his house in Fayette county..
The details of the death were quite bizarre and WEIRD!!! Even the crime scene investigation wasnt really clear about it...
Why would a 40 year old successful wrestler (quite succesfull eh) kill the family he loved so much and himself?? I suspect foul play and I believe most of you true Benoit fans will agree...

I also just heard the news. Was drinking in Jolibee at 3rd mile Kuching when we saw the ESPN channel on the big screen. Pictures of Benoit's childhood till adult years were flashed...I thought it just maybe Benoit won some recognition etc etc but was shocked to see that he already Died!! I am one of Benoit's fan (although not as much as The Rock or Steve Austin)...
Always loved to use his character when playing games on phone or the PlayStation because of his agile and yet action-packed character....
Sigh and once again 2 years after Eddie Guerrero died (time really does fly, I thought EG died last year), another of my fave wrestling star is dead...
For the full account of the story please visit Lets Wrestle, a blog dedicated to the wrestling world by Matt Loede from Cleveland, Ohio (the land of Cleavage)..^^

1) Was surprised.. really surprised...
2) Condolence...
3) I rarely watch wrestling nowadays lol...

Lekor! The fishy revival?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Nowadays ar my blog very very hungry!! I mean it lacks FOOD post!!
Last time I use to blog about food so much until I thought my blog was food for the eye lar..
So today I'm gonna blog once again on food...

Do you know whats the Keropok Lekor??
If you are Malaysian or you drop by in Malaysia, you really gotta have this...
Its basically mince fish meat, rolled and ready to be deep fried in oil...
It originates from Kelantan I guess, but you can get it anywhere at the streets too..
I bought mine at the Kuching wet market and fried it for snacks... nice!!!

The Lekor pieces I suck in cutting, wat to do rite? Lost my kitchen hand^^"!
1 little lekor, 2 little ...........
Wow.. so OILY a....^^"
The fried lekor...
The ones I bought at the roadside stall looks WAY better than this...
My sister, the little Pig face expression when she saw my Lekor...
Guess its OK then..wakaka

The Lekor I fried tasted better than expected.. gotta have some stock up the freezer for rainy erk lonely days.. And I'd recommend you to get some yourself too...
Fishy very very fishy oooo....

1) Transformer gonna premier soon in malaysia and I havent even watched Fantastic Four!!
2) Anyone wanna go see the Silver Surfer with me???

3) So many people kena hack o...hopefully not me.. small time blogger ma...

Rainbow Ring .. My precious!!

by Chemical Apple

This might have come a lil bit too late but nonetheless I wanna post it up!! everythings been late according to my time these days!!..
If you happened to look up to the sun on Friday the 16th of June, you'd see a strange ring of colours around it... Its really a Rainbow circling the sun...
According to the metrologist, its only ice crystals high in the atmosphere associated with cirrus clouds I thought the heat has caused too much water to evaporised up to the sky...
When the ice crystals form at just the right size and orientation, it produce the halo around the sun!!

Rainbow Ring...Not so clear, Kuching skyview...

1) I like to just lie down on my back and watch as the sky changes....nice and peacefull...
2) Dont you think so?

Just Me

Sunday, June 24, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Accept me as I am-I have no guarantee.
A claim to perfection I have not.
Perfect I cannot be.
I, like you.....am human.
Prone to make mistakes.
Failure is not a character flaw,
Just a part of the human makeup.
I live, I laugh and I also learn.
My knowledge is incomplete.
I am searching all the time,
in waking hours as well as sleep.
I have a long road to travel,
as well as you do.
We learn our lessons on the way.
Wisdom we shall acrue.
Accept me as I am
Because I am ....me.
And You are you.
No one like me in the world.
That is my only guarantee.
God Bless....

1) Its just me.
2) Got this good stuff from Wisdom From The Road. check it out!
3) This poem is for my post below.

Me...The face behind this blog.

by Chemical Apple

This has been put off way past its time.. but anyway since nothing is happening I may as well Just do it... I was tagged by CheeHsien.. He tagged the whole Shoutout Gang for goodness sake..
And how rite was it when I thought he was NUTS.. kidding CheeHsien.. Promo your blog lil bit lo.. Go see his blog, very very FUNNY one, got lots of DIRTY little SECRETS..

So this is me.. the BlueApple...
I'm currently located in Kuching, The land of HOrnbills-Sarawak..
Lived half of my life in Penang and the other half Sarawak...Hopefully I get to go elsewhere next time.. I'm Indian Iban by race so I'm mixed blood wanted to say halfbreed but that sounded gross! At this moment of writing this entry I'm approximately 19 YearsOld and 2 Months..
Studying the Cambridge A levels in Inti college Sarawak... A decision I regret a lil bit but life goes on rite..haha...Gonna finish in a few months though...And anyway I like making friends so holler if you wanna be my friend this tag bout me bah....

I miss my purple+red hair...
but Blueapple should have BLUE hair rite??

This is me..
Cant change who I am rite? Really dont have any fashion sense..^^

I have buck-tooth and I have extra paddings!! So what rite??? Blerk..
Finally.. Please dont puke when you see my pictures k...
I took them just last night mostly...

Enough pictures??
So you know me now.. What else have I got to tell?

and obviously I'm not an internet paedophile or stalker...I am who I am k..

1) Shoutout becoming very popular now eh.. so many new peeps..
2) Anyone is free to do this tag...

Sketching Sketches

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 by Chemical Apple

From the previous post, you'd know that I didnt have enough sleep...
Consequences of staying up till nearly 5.30am watching Real Madrid win..
As my external had already finished, classes resume as normal.. My class started at 8am till 12pm, my eyes were struggling to keep open I swear I doze off a couple of times^^
Biology was still okay because its kinda interesting but when Math class started, my eyelids just dint want to open... And the topic is so hard that if I dont concentrate I'd just kill myself...
So what did I do, to sharpen my concentration? I drew!!
I drew pictures from my surrounding, making them look almost identical...
But the low-point is that I have never been good at drawing since forever!!!
So I decided to post up some of my sketches just for laughs!!

Disclaimer: If you appreciate art professionally, STOP reading this post..

The old rundown shack beside the sea...looks like some retarded kid's drawings!!

A sketch of the back of my friend, Syahid!! looks like the devil himself!!

Sketch of my Math teacher. If you look properly assuming its see-able,
you can see the mathematical equation too!!..^^

1) Picture quality very LOW. Sorry!!
2) I suck at drawing...
3) Hows my site now? I still think it looks too packed..

Viva Madrid! Viva Beckham!!

Monday, June 18, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Finally!! Celebrations at the Bernabeu...

The players celebrating!! Ruud van Nistelrooy(top scorer of La Liga) and his mates!

Real Madrid finalmente campeones otra vez!
Viva el David Beckham!!

It was worth while for me staying up late till 5 am in morning just to watch the Primera Liga season sums up... Watching the former champions (long tima ago la) go down 1-0 at the Bernabeu, was a lil bit scary, but finally Capello did the right thing by bringing on Jose Antonio Reyes. Hopefully the brilliant midfielder would stay on permanently after the loan ends!!

While I have been a hardcore Manchester United supporter all the while, Real Madrid has always been the club I support in the La Liga... Most probably due to the fact 2 of my footballing heroes were David Robert Joseph Beckham and Ronaldo Luiz Nazario de Lima (sadly sold to AC Milan) and they were prominent figures...
I always have been Anti-Barcelona, while the catalan side have achieved success in the recent lacklustre years of Madrid.. I had hoped that Beckham would at least get something.. At last..
After the Premiership had ended with Manchester re-acquiring the title, and Madrid winning back the La Liga with the slightest margin (just head to head record).. Sweet is the only sensation I feel!!!
And did I mention it was their 30th title!!! So cool even after the years of drought!!!

With Beckham and Ronaldo gone plus the not-so-frequent live telecast of the Spanish La Liga, I think my fire for Madrid would suffer a lil bit...


1) I love Spanish football now..
2) My eyes cannot open during class this morning..crazy
3) Meaning of spanish words below picts: Real Madrid finally champions once more! Beckham Lives!

Cars + Girls = Big No No..

by Chemical Apple

Its high time I add touches of HUMOUR to my blog...even my blog's getting cranky with all the boring-ness of my life!!!

Ever wondered why 'Most' of the time when we bring up the topic bout automobile or cars in general, we'd always associate it with guys but seldom the opposite sex..I say 'Most' because some girls are surprisingly into cars nowadays till they even know more than some of us guys do, and I'm talking bout guy guys not girl guys..^^
Girls can rarely do anything bout cars, all they ever care is (through my eyes) 'How Do I Look'?
Ever seen a girl fix a car? They'd just 'huff and puff and the house would still be standing'! Can't do anything bout it...
Take a look and tell me if I'm WRONG when I say Girls cant fix cars...
-(scroll down, I actually adopted the Aceone118 technique for this post hahaha!!)
-Right or not what I told u?
Girls and cars dont really go together...
Nice car though BMW I like the new ones not this old one lar but who can say 'NOT NICE' rite??

Actually if you'd check out the left sidebar of my blog, you'd see my new widget featuring jokes, humour, funstuff from one site the OpenSourceJokes.com...
Take the extra stress factor of your shoulder once a while... (No wonder I'm such an addict to funny blogs especially Aceone118's blogs-LiddisLiddat, Yinsi.. laugh till die wan)
Disclaimers=The BlueApple has already passed the 18year old mark ages ago so my reads can sometimes be over18 stuffs too!! (@.@)

Safira Sports Planet

Sunday, June 17, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Glad to be back from my not-so-long holiday to Sri Aman..
The whole town was full people came from all over... the temperature I guess rose to a an extreme high (never remembered that it could get that high with the place considerably in the interior of Sarawak most probably caused by the mass mision of CO2 ah..
Nothing was new to me though but I guess they had improved on the 'civil protection' part.. there were like so many cops, jpj on duty, just like ants surrounding a pot of sugar! ^^

Anyway the real reason I post this now is that I was surprised to see an ad from Nuffnang up there on my blog!!!
yeay.. its somehow working hahaah.... although my unique visit are always zero.. SIGH*
There's an ad there by Safira Sports Planet (click to find all the venues of SportsPlanet allover Malaysia) in PENANG...
Quite impressive because the place as like 5 Herculan Pitches, 1 FIFA international size Decoflex pitch, restrooms, lounge areas etc etc....
Way better than what we have over here in this part of Malaysia!!!
Click on the ads for more information.. nice...
And also they have one overhere in Kuching too..near Pending area..
I guess if You are overthere in Penang why dont you give the place a peek..
Exercise people..dont get too lazy..(thats what Sett ALWAYS say, crazy)...

1) So tired after last night clubbing craze...3 chivas+1 martell+2 wine+crates of beer=extreme drunkedness!!
2) Click on the ads please...hahaha...


Friday, June 15, 2007 by Chemical Apple

A new dawn breaks
Streaking the Horizon
Red, rouging the sky
With life, vitality
Warmth spreading
Enveloping creations
and the World
I am Reborn!!


1) Site still under construction.. patience ppl..
2) Wil be off to Sri Aman today, Pesta Benak.


The last One...

Thursday, June 14, 2007 by Chemical Apple

I blogged about my first paper early on...
And this is kinda like the sequel...
The last paper for my AS is tomorrow... Biology...
Hopefully it'll not be so hard..today's Chemistry paper was so damned HARD (yesterday's was even worse)...
I HATE EXAMS.....feel so stressed out that even the soothing chocolates wont work (and I had lots and lots of chocolated dy)...
Point of Information please..even the debate preparation starting to affect me dy..
anyway what I meant is theres this Urban Legend that if you are stressed, You'd get thinner!!
(all us with that extra pounds should be excited by now..), but on the contrary the Stress factor just makes me wanna eat more and more and more....Urban Legends are not TRUE, dumbass!!..

The worst part is that, I keep on wanting to play the play station I wonder whoever invented that junk rili knew what he was introducing to the world, just cant keep my hands off it..
And time really flies when you are playing the 'junk'...
First glance 2 o'clock in the evening; second glance 3 o'clock.. ah, that sounds fine..just that its 3 o'clock in the MORNING!!!
If this goes on, I'd be OLD before I knew it..just by playing the 'junk'...
hmm, they should RE-name it 'FLY-By station' ....bcoz time flies bah...

kk...I guess this sums my thoughts for now...
Need to play the 'JUNK' again.....eh no..Need to Study!!!

MyList - Finale

Sunday, June 10, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Finally able to post again.. haha
The PS2 occupying too much of my time again!!
Its been too long and Needed to urgently update my blog lol..
I have 2 more papers to go for my External, and after that I'm FREE!!!! (not for long though)..sigh* got more projects for me to look forward to now..

And as expected, the MyList final listing is already here!!!!..
Check them out, the programme was initiated by Daryl...UNitIng BLoggerZ...

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Gotta spend time to finish reading all this!!!! haha