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Safira Sports Planet

Sunday, June 17, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Glad to be back from my not-so-long holiday to Sri Aman..
The whole town was full people came from all over... the temperature I guess rose to a an extreme high (never remembered that it could get that high with the place considerably in the interior of Sarawak most probably caused by the mass mision of CO2 ah..
Nothing was new to me though but I guess they had improved on the 'civil protection' part.. there were like so many cops, jpj on duty, just like ants surrounding a pot of sugar! ^^

Anyway the real reason I post this now is that I was surprised to see an ad from Nuffnang up there on my blog!!!
yeay.. its somehow working hahaah.... although my unique visit are always zero.. SIGH*
There's an ad there by Safira Sports Planet (click to find all the venues of SportsPlanet allover Malaysia) in PENANG...
Quite impressive because the place as like 5 Herculan Pitches, 1 FIFA international size Decoflex pitch, restrooms, lounge areas etc etc....
Way better than what we have over here in this part of Malaysia!!!
Click on the ads for more information.. nice...
And also they have one overhere in Kuching too..near Pending area..
I guess if You are overthere in Penang why dont you give the place a peek..
Exercise people..dont get too lazy..(thats what Sett ALWAYS say, crazy)...

1) So tired after last night clubbing craze...3 chivas+1 martell+2 wine+crates of beer=extreme drunkedness!!
2) Click on the ads please...hahaha...

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