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Sketching Sketches

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 by Chemical Apple

From the previous post, you'd know that I didnt have enough sleep...
Consequences of staying up till nearly 5.30am watching Real Madrid win..
As my external had already finished, classes resume as normal.. My class started at 8am till 12pm, my eyes were struggling to keep open I swear I doze off a couple of times^^
Biology was still okay because its kinda interesting but when Math class started, my eyelids just dint want to open... And the topic is so hard that if I dont concentrate I'd just kill myself...
So what did I do, to sharpen my concentration? I drew!!
I drew pictures from my surrounding, making them look almost identical...
But the low-point is that I have never been good at drawing since forever!!!
So I decided to post up some of my sketches just for laughs!!

Disclaimer: If you appreciate art professionally, STOP reading this post..

The old rundown shack beside the sea...looks like some retarded kid's drawings!!

A sketch of the back of my friend, Syahid!! looks like the devil himself!!

Sketch of my Math teacher. If you look properly assuming its see-able,
you can see the mathematical equation too!!..^^

1) Picture quality very LOW. Sorry!!
2) I suck at drawing...
3) Hows my site now? I still think it looks too packed..

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aL said...

linked u in my site =)

Chemical Apple said...

thanx.. will link u back asap..