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Viva Madrid! Viva Beckham!!

Monday, June 18, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Finally!! Celebrations at the Bernabeu...

The players celebrating!! Ruud van Nistelrooy(top scorer of La Liga) and his mates!

Real Madrid finalmente campeones otra vez!
Viva el David Beckham!!

It was worth while for me staying up late till 5 am in morning just to watch the Primera Liga season sums up... Watching the former champions (long tima ago la) go down 1-0 at the Bernabeu, was a lil bit scary, but finally Capello did the right thing by bringing on Jose Antonio Reyes. Hopefully the brilliant midfielder would stay on permanently after the loan ends!!

While I have been a hardcore Manchester United supporter all the while, Real Madrid has always been the club I support in the La Liga... Most probably due to the fact 2 of my footballing heroes were David Robert Joseph Beckham and Ronaldo Luiz Nazario de Lima (sadly sold to AC Milan) and they were prominent figures...
I always have been Anti-Barcelona, while the catalan side have achieved success in the recent lacklustre years of Madrid.. I had hoped that Beckham would at least get something.. At last..
After the Premiership had ended with Manchester re-acquiring the title, and Madrid winning back the La Liga with the slightest margin (just head to head record).. Sweet is the only sensation I feel!!!
And did I mention it was their 30th title!!! So cool even after the years of drought!!!

With Beckham and Ronaldo gone plus the not-so-frequent live telecast of the Spanish La Liga, I think my fire for Madrid would suffer a lil bit...


1) I love Spanish football now..
2) My eyes cannot open during class this morning..crazy
3) Meaning of spanish words below picts: Real Madrid finally champions once more! Beckham Lives!

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