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Thursday, May 03, 2007 by Chemical Apple

THe sickly feeling fills the pits of my stomache, my eyes droop in obvious tiredness, my head still shaking unbelievably. What had happened? No earthquake or tsunami's had struck nor any natural disaster had occured but that sickly feeling continues to churn in my stomache. WHY?

We had finally been DEFEATED!! I have nothing more to say.... Just turn my head away and rest myself for the day.
Becoz more is 'two' come.. 2 more targets in our grasp and hopefully the right thing shall come...

1) Lost 3 nil, poorest form!
2) I'm gonna have to avoid all Liverpool fans today or forever?..aargh..
3) LOSING sucks!!
4) Double signal all day long!

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2 Apples dropped:

Yinsi Yat said...

MU has the premiership in the bag already! FA cup coming soon. I wpuld say they will hit the double this year. hehehe

Chemical Apple said...

Yea true..Domestic Double this time out..