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First PAPER through!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 by Chemical Apple

The first paper its practical exam though of my external AS level exams has just only finished..
It was Chemistry practical
certainly not one of my best subjects and I was so anxious that I even forgot the time the practical was supposed to start!! I woke up at 7am (and was panicky thinking I'm late because the sky was so bright, i thought it was noon dy till I realised my practical starts at 8am)... I got myself ready, picked up my notes(didnt really wanna read them though, just for self-assurance I guess) and drove to college. When I first got to the parking lot, there seem to be very very few cars. wEIrd!! And when I reached the damned lab (it was nearly 8am) no one was there.. gave a couple of calls and at last I realised (after being told by Cindy) that the practical time was at 11.30am!!! After a few minutes full of curses and jinx muttered I decided to go home...

Normally, with exams starting in a few hours time you study rite?
But being the lazy ass of a person, I went back to bed till 11am.. Woke up once again and rushed back to college.
This time everything was in order and I finally started work on my first ever MAJOR exam since entering college!! (thats why I wanna blog bout this, coz it kinda means something to me)..

I would say that the experiments we were required to perform were really kinda hard..
but due to some unforseen circumstances I say we all breeze pass the practical.. though Andre broke 1 tile.
That seems to be the only incident during the whole practical session iron
ically.. I expected something to blow up !!.
And also this is the first time I did an experiment without upsetting the whole table, it usually would be messy I assure you!!

Enough if the 'elaboration', I suppose I'd have to revise my Math now.. tomoro at 1.30pm..
hope I got the time rite now.. Peace and out...

1) Hope I can do my best!!
2) A little prayer wont hurt from you peeps...
3) ......chao..wish me luck

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