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Friday, April 20, 2007 by Chemical Apple

So I've just finished my finals and gosh I tell you its hard.. Looks like the lecturers went extra hard to kill us most probably help us prepare for the Advance levels..
(secretly I wonder was this what driven the VT mass murderer to kill..hehe)

Why I signed up with Advertlets
Anyway here I am once again broke and blogging.
so I figured out since I'm so FREE (yea rite free when you have tons to revise..free) I may as well do a little BFM... Blogging For Money get it...
I've joined Advertlets not too long ago and here is ONE interesting prospect of me earning some dough...
I signed up for advertlets because I wanna get lots and lots of money for me to go CLUbbinG, ya all with me peeps??? I wanna get a chance to prove to my parents that I can earn some money through the net.. You know PA-REnTs rite? They all just want us schoolkids to STUDY, STUDY, STUDY... What the heck do you kids want to blog about..you aint that significant yo...
And with ADVERTLETS we can show how significant we are.. coz this is where we show what us teens can do...
Advertlets is the NEW FACE for online advertising and the future of online advertising especially in our country, Malaysia is extremely bright...
Thats the reason why I signed up for Advertlets.. Malaysia CAN do, Bloggers CAN do..

What I Hope to Get From Advertlets
I see Advertlets as a source for me to get something back from all the hard work I do...I want to see something in return..
something $$$$$...hehe...(grinning and rubbing my palms)...
Truth be told that Advertlets one major way for me to GAIN more exposure in the advertising business.. As they all say it, A thing learned is some Cash earned. (k..I made that up, sounds cool though)..
And maybe, just maybe oneday Advertlets can be a sort of advertising for whatever profession I'm into.. Because I know how big the impact of an Excellent advert can do...
And with ADVERTLETS, advertising online has just got way bigger.

And so my fellow bloggers, what have you got to lose? You'll just lose more if you dont join this profitable organization.. So REGISTER asap.

1)This is a paidpost.
2)Please participate in the survey by ADVERTLETS, located at my sidebar..tq

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