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PayPerPost Acquisition

Saturday, April 21, 2007 by Chemical Apple

This is a paidpost.

Theres a VERY big news going around the blogging community lately affecting PayPerPost bloggers.. and NO, our government has not decided to ban payperpost too..
Though I think if that were to happen, us bloggers out here in Malaysia will be going on strike.
Yea after the once dumb move to REGISTER and MONITOR us bloggers..
Bringing dispute to national Integration? hmmph what kind of reason is that though I know I'll get into trouble for writing that here, Jeff Ooi certainly had his fair share of law suits lately..

Anyway PayPerPost is gonna acquire another company under its wings..
this is gonna be one heck of a 'durian runtuh' for us blogger because this definitely means more $$$$ going in our pockets...
Hmm I wonder whom they are gonna acquire. The news would be out by next week I guess but dont you think that it would be great if they acquire Google for instance???
extra advertisements and exposure, surely this gonna be a big hit on the world wide web..
Hopefully the acquisition of the new company would help make the www (world wide web) an easier access for us hopefull bloggers to expand our influent acrss the globe.

Anyway for those of you still not registered for Payperpost, better join now while its still up for grabs.. If not you are gonna lose, big time!!!

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