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Mecca Cola

Thursday, April 19, 2007 by Chemical Apple

PrePost warning..This is NOT a paid post..hehe^^

A few days back I had dinner with my cousins at KGC courtesy of my uncle..
One of us ordered coke and expected something like Coca Cola but instead the waitress brought us MECCA COLA..

At first there was Coca Cola...

And then PepsiCola was introduced...
And then the Arabians (was it them or someone else??) invented the MECCA COLA..
It taste the same as the 2 other but one thing that caught my eyes is that it gives 20% of the profit to the needy... (10% in Arab states and 20% for International products)...
It even have its own website in English French and Arabic.. Mecca-Cola.COm

Anyway I prefer CocaCola anyday.. It somehow taste more of a Coke..
Coke anyone??

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adam said...

have u had a taste of evoca cola its made with 100% natural mineral water and a special extract of blackseed i say it taste between coke and pepsi but much tastier and smoother and its supposed to be a be better cola then the rest they r luanching in asda in mid july this year go to their web site www.evocadrinks.com

Chemical Apple said...

evoca cola a...
hopefully its much better than coca cola or pepsi.. instead of all gas rite..