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Still surviving

Wednesday, April 25, 2007 by Chemical Apple

For those of you that dont know me personally, I'm a hardcore Man Utd fan at least I consider myself hardcore ler... Been a fan of the RED DEVILS for years already and not yet willing to jump ships..
Last night was staying up late for the Champions League semifinal clash between Man Utd and the giant Ac Milan. I was really anxious because the back four of Manutd is very fragile thanx to the injuries to its much prominent defense. It started well at first after the suff-and-puff goal by Ronaldo on the 5th minute.. Kaka which I really admire too scored a double he's good, real good.. My eyes couldnt keep up with the match and when I opened it again, Rooney had equalised.. Yippee.. anyway at last Man Utd won the game 3-2 coutesy of Rooney in injury time..hahaha... I know you dont want to here me ranting all day long (I can go on and on bout this) so head to SOCCERnET.COM for the full match review.. This are the few pics of the game though..I like...

Ronaldo, he started night... PFA best player duh..

Kaka scores, he's GOOD..really good..

He's fast, real fast... but less skills than Cristiano Ronaldo

Kaka and Ronaldo was battling for supremacy..
But Rooney ended the deal..real firepower..

1) We'll wait for the second leg at Milan... Support UNITED...
2) hmm..United always wins when I dont watch..why so??

Footballing-apple out..

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Man-U won lastnight! Last minute score by Rooney. Hehehehe.

I was watching that!

Chemical Apple said...

me too..
aside from the fact i nearly fell asleep a couple of times..