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Virginia Tech Shooting..

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 by Chemical Apple

My blog has just been full of crap lately (crap is not a word, my debate Judge once told me^^) Anyway if you had been looking around the news, theres one really big news that caught my eye...Largest College shooting massacre in US history..

33 students including the shooter was killed in 2 separate rampage.. and it was all the work of NOT a terrorist, not a madman, it was masterminded by a 23 year old English major. Cho Seung-Hui, a south-Korean armed with two handguns - a 9 mm and a .22-caliber. He was described as a loner and anti-woman, anti-rich kid. I wonder what made him pull the trigger, what made him have the heart to kill so many people.. He just made the world less crowded destroyed 32 innocent lives...

That day man
y people died, students, lecturers, professors... Some died without even knowing what happened, others died heroically...
Liviu Librescu, an Israeli engineering and math lecturer died trying to block the doorway of his classroom... Who said all Israeli are murderous??? And I sit here just wondering how it would feel like to be in the lecture hall when suddenly a gunman starts shooting at me..screaming KNNCB most probably... Just feel the expression the unfortunate victims must have had at that time... I know sometimes we do feel that much hatred to actually WANT to kill someone.. but actually taking the gun and terminating lives of not one, not two but 32 person..sigh... more news and pictures of the incident at this site..Rocky Mountain Collegian

The murderer...Officers carrying the victs..Mourning those that left them..

This few incidents are things that make me love my home country much more...Life in this place could be dull, more backward(yea rite..) but nonetheless its SAFE...

1) Exams not yet finish and yet got time to do this ha??? (self conscious talking duh)
2) Think of all those people that are mourning now..those victs parents, family members..sigh..
3) Shut up and study asshole^%$..

Kenegaraanly-Apple reporting..

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Starmandala said...

FYI "Liviu Librescu" is a Roumanian name. Whether he came from Israel I don't know. My take on this bloodbath: Cho Seung-Hui
hadn't quite recovered from "culture shock." Obviously he was an introverted, repressed personality, shy with women. The first time a white girl opened herself to him he fell desperately, insanely in love. When, after a few months, the girl decided to move on (as happens in a culture where college sex is part of the courtship ritual where boys and girls "audition" each other before settling on a specific life partner)... our friend Cho snapped. He was probably carrying a huge load of anger and resentment on account of his being Asian (somehow, one's ethnic background can still socially stigmatize, even in supposedly cosmopolitan communities; and Virginia is not like New York or California). So the combination of being "dumped" by his white girlfriend and his repressed rage against the racial prejudice he may have encountered proved murderously explosive. There are many other background factors we don't know; e.g., was he high on ice or coke? Lots of violent crimes and dumb acts occur under the influence of these designer drugs that give one the illusion of godlike invincibility.
Anyway, for some REAL news, drop by my

narrowband said...

Interesting theory, antares.

Liviu Librescu, I read, was a Romanian-born. He lived in Israel before deciding to settle in the US.

Nice blog, blueapple ;)

You actually took pain to publish a pic of the shooter. I'd think he doesn't worth my blog space even.

Frighteningly sick, that guy.

Chemical Apple said...

Oho so the news bout his breakup (the last straw i guess) was TRUE afterall..
thanx for dropping bye..thats a pretty serious blog u got there..^^

Narrowband, I want people to realise how sick such a person is..&^*(

Chemical Apple said...

Liviu Librescu is Israeli..
He is one of the Israeli Holocaust survivor.. Facts supported by Sallai Meridor, Israel's Ambassador to the States.. more news at yahoo!news and msnbc..