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Full of FISH

Monday, April 23, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Last Saturday I was bored.. (was there ever a time that I wasnt bored??)
My exams was done
the college final was done, my AS still to come And now I have around 2 weeks plus of holiday (which I'm supposed to use to revise..I know) I'm gonna start revising soon dow but who studies when we can have FUN!! that I promise myself...
My cousin (I'll show you a picture of him later) Willie had an inspiration I guess it was Andrew's idea really to go and buy fresh fishes to bbq tonite..
Instead of buying the usual stuff like chicken, pork etc, we may as well do something different..
Someone had cravings for fish bbq and that was all the reason we needed.. the hunt had begun.. In Kuching to get nice, fresh fishes you gotta know where to head to.. Luckily someone on our fish hunt team knew of a secluded or is it very well known? Quite a number of people were there fishing spot to get fresh fish. The mentioned fish pond is at Semerbak, Mile 7. The old road to Bau for you Kuchingites. We bought quite a lot of fishes (considering there was only 5 of us bbq-ers) A picture is worth a thousand words and so I'll let the pictures do the talking.

The fishes on the grill..Patin and keli..

Chief BBQ-er of the nite, my cuz Tony

From left: Alberto Mcqueen (Spaniard chef) and my cuz, Willie (Head Chef).

The food was awesome that coming from someone who dislike fishies though we were feeling very full quite fast becoz too many fishy in the belly dy. It was a satisfying nite (minus the booze)..no booze..no booze..erkkk

1) Have to study but I just cant..any TIPS seniors???
3) Anybody wanna bbq, call me..^^
2) Those not in picture : Me and Andrew.

Apple-full-of-fishies out

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2 Apples dropped:

Anonymous said...

Mmmm.. I'd sure like fish especially on bbq.. yummy

Chemical Apple said...

yea..bbq fish sure is yummier than the conventional way of cooking it..