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Friday, April 20, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Remember not too long ago I posted a review on Advertlets?? (just a few hours ago to be precise)
I got a reply from Josh Lim, one of the big 'taiko' behind Advertlets..
RM50 has been credited into your account.. yippe.. My very first online income.. and hope for many more to come lol...

Cant see or not? I highlighed dy..

They approved my review way faster than I could ever imagine..
Truly so very efficient.. Internet speed used to its very best..
I'm particularly pleased because there were no dilly dally...
My first time posting review here thats why..
Ha, for those that havent REGISTER, now's the best time dow...

1) Its kinda fun to be an active blogger once a while..^^
2) Once again my readers please take the survey located at my side bar k.. if I earn lotsa money, I sponsor makan la..^^

Blogging-apple out

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