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04-04-1988 and a Wii Experience..

Friday, April 04, 2008 by Chemical Apple

In case you are wondering why my post title is a date so far back (which means you are very dim hihi), I was born on this day 20 years ago... I doubt my parents know at that time what an evil genius I'd be! harhharhar(thats supposed to be my evil laugh!)..

I wonder how I was on this day when I was just a small bundle (of joy?), barely able to do anything on my own.. except feed and crap, then crap and keep feeding...^^

Today is a special day for me (how many times you expect me to turn 20 rite?) but then for a change today was a very very ordinary day for me... Apart from the tons of text messages, greetings from my friends, relatives, buddies, I'd still say it was a pretty normal day for me...

Ask yourself this one question what would you do if you turn 20 today? (for those that below that just imagine, for those that already passed the stage try to remember)....

For me the number 2 signifies a total change. Its like you've become older, you are no more the guy with the number 1 in front of your age. (unless you're like 100+, which unlikely you;ll be here reading some teenage crap)... Honestly I felt older, even when I'm in Uni surrounded with those in my class which I have to say are younger than me...

And speaking on the topic of feeling OLD, the first thing I did when i got home from uni today was to play Nintendo Wii with my cousin brother who was exactly half my age at 10 years old!! haha... so much for being old...
Its true when people say you can take a person away from something but then you can never take the something away from the person..haha..(I sort of forgot whats the real saying, my bad)...

Playing the Boxing game! David vs Goliath!

The damn game was surprisingly fun and thats from a fler that very rarely play Nintendo stuffs..^^...The games were fun and action-packed...that is our very own actions.. its totally different with Playstations and Xbox..

Have to move and stuffs, I even sweated quite a bit.. the controllers were total cool, wireless so it allows movement control.. I lost the boxing match and bowling match.. but surprisingly I won playing baseball and tennis! ^^...(win against a kid, how low can a guy stoop haha)... The game and console itself is addictive.

Imagine trying to be a pro-bater in the baseball series, holding your virtual bat (which is the Wii controller) and hit! Scoring a home run!!!... weee...

Now who can say that playing video games is bad for health. I bet they are gonna list the Nintendo Wii as a form of Exercise in the near future!!..^^

Tired after the games.. i barely even sat ok..

1) I feel rejuvenated after the game.. reminds me that I'm not that old anyway..
2) Headache..and I want food...haha..cravings..
3) Thanx for layan-ing my long long post..
4) thanx for the bday greetings and stuffs...i appreciate it..

3 Apples dropped:

Beans said...

Happy Birthday to you! hope you had a fantastic one =D

Unknown said...

hey :)
i was born on 04041988 too.
happy birthday to you :)

Chemical Apple said...

thanx bee nee...
happy birthday to u too steph..
born on the same day a..