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Lab report..Lab report..

Monday, April 21, 2008 by Chemical Apple

Every time when it comes to doing these kinda reports, I'd just wait till the last moment and bust my ass.... Its not that its that hard just Its so damn boring.. Like who cares how many mole of liquid you spilled anyway? rite? (dont answer that, its a rhetorical question)

I got really nothing to post bout today... so just enjoy (IF you can read it) my notes on Chemistry lab... Doctor's writing rite? SO NOT! Engineer maybe..^^

1) To tired to post anything useful...
2) My brain cells are busting their asses....gotta appreciate them lol...
3) I'm SOO confused!

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3 Apples dropped:

Anonymous said...

Wow Dr Professor Devan?

Chemical Apple said...

who on earth is this?

Chemical Apple said...

i know.. its keekat..haha..u can fool me dude..