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Am I an addict?

Friday, April 27, 2007 by Chemical Apple

House MD, just my utmost fave..

Grey's Anatomy-All about the anatomy of Doctor-hood

Scrubs- Hillariously unrealistic

3lbs-not really my pick

Just finished watching the House series on AXN a couple of hours ago..
Since young I have always aspired to be a doctor (the cut people up real doctor not the phd guy)..
Just see the pictures of all these series and you sure know that I'm a fan of medical series.
One Tree Hill even loses its spot to those up there (except 3lbs though)..^^

But ever since I got into college, I felt that I've lost the passion. And believe me through my experience with doctors, If you dont have the passion, better not go into that profession.
But with awesome series like House MD, Grey's Anatomy, 3lbs, Scrubs (yea I do watch all that series, ADDICT!!), it kinda feel fun to be in that profession...
I just am addicted to these kind of medical series especially House MD..sigh*
But the major dissapointing fact is the TRUTH. Life as a doctor can never be as fun as what the series-es depict. Thats all acting, face the truth punk and it can never be the same.
Yea I know the truth sucks.. Its what life is separated to, our imaginary wonderful hole and the dismaying TRUTH.

How does it feels to finally hold that MD thingy?? I may never know if I take the wrong steps..
I'm now on an almost 3 weeks break before I face my first penultimate examination and yet everyday I feel extremely LAZY.. Open the damned book, and instantly I feel sleepy.
But yet now when I'm blogging, my eyes are wide open and its way pass my bedtime.
Can I count myself as a BLOGGING ADDICT or is this just another way to refuse myself facing life???

1) I feel lost, clueless. Hey! Who turned off the lights??
2) ......


Wednesday, April 25, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Have you been blog-hopping around lately?
I knoe I'm supposed to study but just cant help it becoz you guys have the most awesome materials online..
Anyway if you have been as free as me and been blog-hopping around, you'd notice that more and more bloggers are making tons of money out of their blog.
And if you have been more observant.. you'd notice that SMORTY is becoming more and more popular nowadays...
Just the matter of fact, I'm writing my very FIRST SMORTY post right now..
Its easy, its simple, and it generates $$$$$ for us bloggers.
Its another simple way, much easier than some other programme, to connect us bloggers with advertisers that wants us to endorse their products, services etc etc..
blog advertising, us bloggers will get paid for blogging. Get paid to blog because our blogs can generate money through advertisers that advertise on blogs. This is definitely, blog for money.
So why not use your blog and make money!!

Its much easier if I put it this way,
'Get paid to blog, get paid for blogging, blog advertising, advertise on blogs, blog for money.'

So what are you waiting for.. register and blog...
Its easy and its what we do.. blog..

Still surviving

by Chemical Apple

For those of you that dont know me personally, I'm a hardcore Man Utd fan at least I consider myself hardcore ler... Been a fan of the RED DEVILS for years already and not yet willing to jump ships..
Last night was staying up late for the Champions League semifinal clash between Man Utd and the giant Ac Milan. I was really anxious because the back four of Manutd is very fragile thanx to the injuries to its much prominent defense. It started well at first after the suff-and-puff goal by Ronaldo on the 5th minute.. Kaka which I really admire too scored a double he's good, real good.. My eyes couldnt keep up with the match and when I opened it again, Rooney had equalised.. Yippee.. anyway at last Man Utd won the game 3-2 coutesy of Rooney in injury time..hahaha... I know you dont want to here me ranting all day long (I can go on and on bout this) so head to SOCCERnET.COM for the full match review.. This are the few pics of the game though..I like...

Ronaldo, he started night... PFA best player duh..

Kaka scores, he's GOOD..really good..

He's fast, real fast... but less skills than Cristiano Ronaldo

Kaka and Ronaldo was battling for supremacy..
But Rooney ended the deal..real firepower..

1) We'll wait for the second leg at Milan... Support UNITED...
2) hmm..United always wins when I dont watch..why so??

Footballing-apple out..

Full of FISH

Monday, April 23, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Last Saturday I was bored.. (was there ever a time that I wasnt bored??)
My exams was done
the college final was done, my AS still to come And now I have around 2 weeks plus of holiday (which I'm supposed to use to revise..I know) I'm gonna start revising soon dow but who studies when we can have FUN!! that I promise myself...
My cousin (I'll show you a picture of him later) Willie had an inspiration I guess it was Andrew's idea really to go and buy fresh fishes to bbq tonite..
Instead of buying the usual stuff like chicken, pork etc, we may as well do something different..
Someone had cravings for fish bbq and that was all the reason we needed.. the hunt had begun.. In Kuching to get nice, fresh fishes you gotta know where to head to.. Luckily someone on our fish hunt team knew of a secluded or is it very well known? Quite a number of people were there fishing spot to get fresh fish. The mentioned fish pond is at Semerbak, Mile 7. The old road to Bau for you Kuchingites. We bought quite a lot of fishes (considering there was only 5 of us bbq-ers) A picture is worth a thousand words and so I'll let the pictures do the talking.

The fishes on the grill..Patin and keli..

Chief BBQ-er of the nite, my cuz Tony

From left: Alberto Mcqueen (Spaniard chef) and my cuz, Willie (Head Chef).

The food was awesome that coming from someone who dislike fishies though we were feeling very full quite fast becoz too many fishy in the belly dy. It was a satisfying nite (minus the booze)..no booze..no booze..erkkk

1) Have to study but I just cant..any TIPS seniors???
3) Anybody wanna bbq, call me..^^
2) Those not in picture : Me and Andrew.

Apple-full-of-fishies out

PayPerPost Acquisition

Saturday, April 21, 2007 by Chemical Apple

This is a paidpost.

Theres a VERY big news going around the blogging community lately affecting PayPerPost bloggers.. and NO, our government has not decided to ban payperpost too..
Though I think if that were to happen, us bloggers out here in Malaysia will be going on strike.
Yea after the once dumb move to REGISTER and MONITOR us bloggers..
Bringing dispute to national Integration? hmmph what kind of reason is that though I know I'll get into trouble for writing that here, Jeff Ooi certainly had his fair share of law suits lately..

Anyway PayPerPost is gonna acquire another company under its wings..
this is gonna be one heck of a 'durian runtuh' for us blogger because this definitely means more $$$$ going in our pockets...
Hmm I wonder whom they are gonna acquire. The news would be out by next week I guess but dont you think that it would be great if they acquire Google for instance???
extra advertisements and exposure, surely this gonna be a big hit on the world wide web..
Hopefully the acquisition of the new company would help make the www (world wide web) an easier access for us hopefull bloggers to expand our influent acrss the globe.

Anyway for those of you still not registered for Payperpost, better join now while its still up for grabs.. If not you are gonna lose, big time!!!

Drug Rehabilitation at Stone Hawk

by Chemical Apple

This is a paid post.

Days after days past and every minute there are teenagers, adolescence, adults and even kids being pulled into the 'Dark Net' of DRUG... All kind of drugs are being smuggled into our country by ruthless moneyminded crooks which doesnt give a cent of care to our people, teenagers especially. Almost anywhere where there's people around there surely would be these crooks selling drugs, weeds, coke, ice etc etc...

With these alarmingly high numbers of drug adicts, there seem to be no place for them to rehabilitate, no one to care for them, no one to help them turack from their wrong path (the drug path that is).. And then Stone Hawk was discovered. The Stone Hawk program is an alternative to traditional 12-step programs, it follows the principles of the Narconon program founded by William Benitez and inspired by L. Ron Hubbard. The Stone Hawk treatment program does not use drugs to treat drugs or substitute one addiction for another, the Stone Hawk approach is drug-free. The drug addiction treatment focuses on cleansing the body, healthy diet, and fitness in order to help students develop strong mental and physical skills that will help them over come addiction and live an addiction free life.
The NLDP (New Life Detox Program) played a great many role in the life of people that they have helped. Not ordinary folks but people with high addiction to DRUGS. People we once thought to be uncurable, unhelpable... The facilities that Stona Hawk Rehab programme is of course of top class. And this will help addicts see through all the drugs and APPRECIATE their life more each day.

Stone Hawk truly is one of the BEST way to get cured from drugs. Drugs kills, destroys life and relationship. Stay away from drugs.
Stone Hawk cares for you!
Visit the homepage of Stone Hawk at narconon .
A future without drug, a much promising Future.



Friday, April 20, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Remember not too long ago I posted a review on Advertlets?? (just a few hours ago to be precise)
I got a reply from Josh Lim, one of the big 'taiko' behind Advertlets..
RM50 has been credited into your account.. yippe.. My very first online income.. and hope for many more to come lol...

Cant see or not? I highlighed dy..

They approved my review way faster than I could ever imagine..
Truly so very efficient.. Internet speed used to its very best..
I'm particularly pleased because there were no dilly dally...
My first time posting review here thats why..
Ha, for those that havent REGISTER, now's the best time dow...

1) Its kinda fun to be an active blogger once a while..^^
2) Once again my readers please take the survey located at my side bar k.. if I earn lotsa money, I sponsor makan la..^^

Blogging-apple out

Advertlets.com = Happy+Money --- The New Generation

by Chemical Apple

So I've just finished my finals and gosh I tell you its hard.. Looks like the lecturers went extra hard to kill us most probably help us prepare for the Advance levels..
(secretly I wonder was this what driven the VT mass murderer to kill..hehe)

Why I signed up with Advertlets
Anyway here I am once again broke and blogging.
so I figured out since I'm so FREE (yea rite free when you have tons to revise..free) I may as well do a little BFM... Blogging For Money get it...
I've joined Advertlets not too long ago and here is ONE interesting prospect of me earning some dough...
I signed up for advertlets because I wanna get lots and lots of money for me to go CLUbbinG, ya all with me peeps??? I wanna get a chance to prove to my parents that I can earn some money through the net.. You know PA-REnTs rite? They all just want us schoolkids to STUDY, STUDY, STUDY... What the heck do you kids want to blog about..you aint that significant yo...
And with ADVERTLETS we can show how significant we are.. coz this is where we show what us teens can do...
Advertlets is the NEW FACE for online advertising and the future of online advertising especially in our country, Malaysia is extremely bright...
Thats the reason why I signed up for Advertlets.. Malaysia CAN do, Bloggers CAN do..

What I Hope to Get From Advertlets
I see Advertlets as a source for me to get something back from all the hard work I do...I want to see something in return..
something $$$$$...hehe...(grinning and rubbing my palms)...
Truth be told that Advertlets one major way for me to GAIN more exposure in the advertising business.. As they all say it, A thing learned is some Cash earned. (k..I made that up, sounds cool though)..
And maybe, just maybe oneday Advertlets can be a sort of advertising for whatever profession I'm into.. Because I know how big the impact of an Excellent advert can do...
And with ADVERTLETS, advertising online has just got way bigger.

And so my fellow bloggers, what have you got to lose? You'll just lose more if you dont join this profitable organization.. So REGISTER asap.

1)This is a paidpost.
2)Please participate in the survey by ADVERTLETS, located at my sidebar..tq

Mecca Cola

Thursday, April 19, 2007 by Chemical Apple

PrePost warning..This is NOT a paid post..hehe^^

A few days back I had dinner with my cousins at KGC courtesy of my uncle..
One of us ordered coke and expected something like Coca Cola but instead the waitress brought us MECCA COLA..

At first there was Coca Cola...

And then PepsiCola was introduced...
And then the Arabians (was it them or someone else??) invented the MECCA COLA..
It taste the same as the 2 other but one thing that caught my eyes is that it gives 20% of the profit to the needy... (10% in Arab states and 20% for International products)...
It even have its own website in English French and Arabic.. Mecca-Cola.COm

Anyway I prefer CocaCola anyday.. It somehow taste more of a Coke..
Coke anyone??

Virginia Tech Shooting..

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 by Chemical Apple

My blog has just been full of crap lately (crap is not a word, my debate Judge once told me^^) Anyway if you had been looking around the news, theres one really big news that caught my eye...Largest College shooting massacre in US history..

33 students including the shooter was killed in 2 separate rampage.. and it was all the work of NOT a terrorist, not a madman, it was masterminded by a 23 year old English major. Cho Seung-Hui, a south-Korean armed with two handguns - a 9 mm and a .22-caliber. He was described as a loner and anti-woman, anti-rich kid. I wonder what made him pull the trigger, what made him have the heart to kill so many people.. He just made the world less crowded destroyed 32 innocent lives...

That day man
y people died, students, lecturers, professors... Some died without even knowing what happened, others died heroically...
Liviu Librescu, an Israeli engineering and math lecturer died trying to block the doorway of his classroom... Who said all Israeli are murderous??? And I sit here just wondering how it would feel like to be in the lecture hall when suddenly a gunman starts shooting at me..screaming KNNCB most probably... Just feel the expression the unfortunate victims must have had at that time... I know sometimes we do feel that much hatred to actually WANT to kill someone.. but actually taking the gun and terminating lives of not one, not two but 32 person..sigh... more news and pictures of the incident at this site..Rocky Mountain Collegian

The murderer...Officers carrying the victs..Mourning those that left them..

This few incidents are things that make me love my home country much more...Life in this place could be dull, more backward(yea rite..) but nonetheless its SAFE...

1) Exams not yet finish and yet got time to do this ha??? (self conscious talking duh)
2) Think of all those people that are mourning now..those victs parents, family members..sigh..
3) Shut up and study asshole^%$..

Kenegaraanly-Apple reporting..


Monday, April 16, 2007 by Chemical Apple

So finally I decided to do this... Its getting really really popular now..
Even the BTN (Biro Tatanegara) couldnt come up with anything this kenegaraan-ly..^^
This is actually a move to complie and listing of all Malaysian related blogs by Malaysian or non-Malaysian bloggers (tats sounds rite? rite...)..
So You dont have to ay anything, why not join? (chesh..cheapskate)...erk..
So all you bloggers out there lets UNITE even if its just something small( or big?) like this..
Go to Daryl's BLOG, and join..The instructions are over there....K see ya all on the LIST eh..Dont forget to spread the FIREEEE...


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Friday the 13th...

Friday, April 13, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Today is FRIDAy the 13th.... according to some superstitious thingy, today is very UNLUCKY....


Been reading a bunch of stuffs about 'urban legends' at this SITE .... What caught my eyes most is that 'WHY FRIDAY THE 13th is UNLUCKY'...

Apparently there's something called "PARASKEVIDEKATRIAPHOBIA"..which means people afflicted with a morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th.... Is it real or not? who knows right... Anyway on the site is written that "Friday the 13th is unlucky for some. The risk of hospital admission as a result of a transport accident may be increased by as much as 52 percent." 52percent??? thats kinda high dont you think so? I dont really believe in superstitions or any of that stuffs... but You never know rite??

Check the site that I linked if you want to know all about Superstitious and folklores...
The links somewhere up there so go find it and check em out..

Again... Its the EXAMS time..

by Chemical Apple

Today is the Friday the 13th of April (that sounds CrEePY ee..)..
Exactly 10 days into my 19th year, lots of stuff have since happened though not all I could share even if I wanted.. (my pre u days are nearly over so it's not really of any use to condemn anyone now^^)...
Been sick for the past 2 days (reason why I didnt write any new post lately)..again??
I hate being sick because it causes me to be grumpy... sigh*
sometimes I really wonder how the girls/women cope with their monthly periods....
It must be one hell of a time.. and thank God that I wasnt born a female.. no offence to the girls coz I really respect you people for your endurance..
just being sick for 2 days made me suffer endlessly... the headaches, grumpiness etc etc...

AnyWay my Final is coming up next week.. the horrid time of study has arrived..again..
I havent done any studies although I know I should have...
Its just that I just cant study (dont want is much more like it you dumbass)...
I have always studied better under pressure, ^^ I think so... Except that that always work when I was in highschool..just never when in college..hopefully that changes or I'll be in hot hot water....again..
And the worst part bout exams is that my Cambridge Advance Subsdidiary level examinations is just 2 weeks after my Finals..
No REST...again....sigh*
I'm getting old too fast..havent even enjoyed my college life...
anyway thats all for now... have to study...

I didnt study rite away...hehe
watching HomeAlone 2 first..k

19.... I Am

Wednesday, April 04, 2007 by Chemical Apple

04th APRIL 1988

I was born on this day.....
and today

04th APRIL 2007

I turn 19 years old...

Should I be HAPPY or should I be SAD?
to remember the 18th year of my life... which marked my step unto adulthood...
I've failed in a lot of stuffs (and failed the trust of some)...and yet I achieved a lot too (learned quite a bit ^^)
Opportunities that I should have taken and chances that should have been let go of...
People that I've made friends with and some that I've lost..
One whole year has now passed and yet I'm still here.
lost maybe not physically but emotionally I'm sure..
Like somebody unknown to the way HE must go... lost..
In search of the right path..a FUTURE...
But there were moments to be cherished.. When we all did something we should or shouldnt do but had fun...
this were the days we hoped to remain forever...
but TIME passed and...
I'm 19.... nearing the digit 2 age...
and what have I learned bout life? Some say I did a lot and learned a lot..
But others might say otherwise.. some may say I should have done this this this and I'm a FOOL to have let all these GO...
I'm still LOST...but I know someone is there to lead..
As they always say: For Better and for Worse, the Upside and the Downside, the Tears and the Laughter, the Sun and the Rain...
Everything has its opposite half and we must make do with that..

....I'm 19 today.....
and so I say...
Goodbye what have GONE..
Come what's AWAITING me...

1) YEA!!!
2) AARGGH...

older-apple-but-still-blue out to PARTaaaY