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Am I an addict?

Friday, April 27, 2007 by Chemical Apple

House MD, just my utmost fave..

Grey's Anatomy-All about the anatomy of Doctor-hood

Scrubs- Hillariously unrealistic

3lbs-not really my pick

Just finished watching the House series on AXN a couple of hours ago..
Since young I have always aspired to be a doctor (the cut people up real doctor not the phd guy)..
Just see the pictures of all these series and you sure know that I'm a fan of medical series.
One Tree Hill even loses its spot to those up there (except 3lbs though)..^^

But ever since I got into college, I felt that I've lost the passion. And believe me through my experience with doctors, If you dont have the passion, better not go into that profession.
But with awesome series like House MD, Grey's Anatomy, 3lbs, Scrubs (yea I do watch all that series, ADDICT!!), it kinda feel fun to be in that profession...
I just am addicted to these kind of medical series especially House MD..sigh*
But the major dissapointing fact is the TRUTH. Life as a doctor can never be as fun as what the series-es depict. Thats all acting, face the truth punk and it can never be the same.
Yea I know the truth sucks.. Its what life is separated to, our imaginary wonderful hole and the dismaying TRUTH.

How does it feels to finally hold that MD thingy?? I may never know if I take the wrong steps..
I'm now on an almost 3 weeks break before I face my first penultimate examination and yet everyday I feel extremely LAZY.. Open the damned book, and instantly I feel sleepy.
But yet now when I'm blogging, my eyes are wide open and its way pass my bedtime.
Can I count myself as a BLOGGING ADDICT or is this just another way to refuse myself facing life???

1) I feel lost, clueless. Hey! Who turned off the lights??
2) ......

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3 Apples dropped:

Piffles said...

i like House. his wit and sarcasm, so quick!

i like Grey's Anatomy, too, though the main star's voice and face is getting rather annoying... that Meredith. but i still watch, for the rest of the characters. =)

Chemical Apple said...

House is really funny plus sarcastic = totally cool..haha

Anonymous said...

I love House!!!! :D