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Wednesday, April 25, 2007 by Chemical Apple

Have you been blog-hopping around lately?
I knoe I'm supposed to study but just cant help it becoz you guys have the most awesome materials online..
Anyway if you have been as free as me and been blog-hopping around, you'd notice that more and more bloggers are making tons of money out of their blog.
And if you have been more observant.. you'd notice that SMORTY is becoming more and more popular nowadays...
Just the matter of fact, I'm writing my very FIRST SMORTY post right now..
Its easy, its simple, and it generates $$$$$ for us bloggers.
Its another simple way, much easier than some other programme, to connect us bloggers with advertisers that wants us to endorse their products, services etc etc..
blog advertising, us bloggers will get paid for blogging. Get paid to blog because our blogs can generate money through advertisers that advertise on blogs. This is definitely, blog for money.
So why not use your blog and make money!!

Its much easier if I put it this way,
'Get paid to blog, get paid for blogging, blog advertising, advertise on blogs, blog for money.'

So what are you waiting for.. register and blog...
Its easy and its what we do.. blog..

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