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We need MORE Blood, people!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008 by Chemical Apple

Disclaimer: This post post is not recommended for those with fear of blood!

Ah.. High time I post some photos on my blog coz its getting kinda dull in here...
So today my Uni's CV! (Curtin Volunteers) organized a blood donation drive which was co-organised by the Malaysian Red Crescent Society and Miri Hospital Blood Bank....

And so being a kind human being (contrary to popular beliefs bout me being evil and all), I decided to chip in some of my 'Precious' blood which by the way the medical assistant told me was laden with haemoglobin. (for you with little knowledge on bio, Haemoglobin are those things in your blood which carries the oxygen. So basically higher is better..mwahaha)...

And FYI my blood group is AB + so that literally means I have the stingy type of blood.... Universal Receiver ma... This is my third time donating but still I was damn nervous.. I actually was afraid I'd fail the blood pressure limit...^^
In fact I did post bout my first time donating blood! Click here>>
MY BLOOD (the chronicles) if you want to read bout it!

My blood very very very safe wan.... You want?

The Uni's lobby was packed with people..(most of them got extra blood I think..)

Picture of the CV! girl taking pictures of the donaters...

My physics lecturer joining the fun..

The elephant tranquilizer.. '
The MA told me that its one of the biggest needle around..

So scared??
My friend who is sooo scared to donate blood...

My own pint of blood! Still warm and fresh...
Vampire's stay away!!..^^"

The aftermath.. a small puncture..
I likey the handiplast!!

Pints and pints of FRESH blood!!!

CV! people acting busy...

After donating my blood, I was up and about... No feeling of dizziness or anything... Which is great.. Nobody wants to drink and get hangovers rite? (if u get what I meant!)...
There's this one boy who fainted (or nearly fainted!), maybe first time donor I guess... And a girl who nearly cried...pity her, me and my friend were observing her that time..haha.. A couple of hours after then only I felt a bit dizzy.. Not yet had my Lunch lar..hahaha..

Me and a couple of friends went to this Malay shop which were selling Javanese food...
FYI Java is in Indonesia not malaysia k...
Apparently my friend heard that the 'Nasi Lalapan' was great here!!

The rumours were TRUE!! The food was so good, we finished the whole thing..Licin!!

Quite a long post for me this time yea?.. Hope you enjoyed it..The blood and all..
I've got a script to write and a lab report to finish and yet here I am..how typical!

1) My arms are weakk...so weak..
2) Never try too hard because life is never fair!

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